Elizabeth Warren Rival Claims 'Only A Real Indian Can Defeat A Fake Indian' [Video]

A potential challenger to U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren is confident that he can unseat her in the November, 2018, election.

Republican businessman V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai has cited polling data suggesting that Warren, who he describes as a "fake Indian," has supposedly fallen out of favor with many of her fellow Democrats in Massachusetts, a deep blue state.

The self-described email inventor, MIT Ph.D., scientist/entrepreneur, and alternative/holistic healthcare advocate, Ayyadurai legally immigrated to America from India at age 7 in 1970 with his parents and refers to himself as an all-American Indian.

Shiva Ayyadurai would have to win the September, 2018, GOP primary, however, for the chance to compete directly against Democrat Warren, as there are already several other announced primary hopefuls. Many political observers believe that Warren, a vocal Donald Trump adversary, will seek the presidency in 2020 if she gains a second term in the U.S. Senate.

Ayyadurai, who was briefly married to actress Fran Drescher of The Nanny TV sitcom fame, recently gifted a home-based DNA test kit through Amazon as a birthday present for the incumbent Massachusetts senator. Warren, who turned 68 on June 22, apparently refused the present.

In running against then-Senator Scott Brown in 2012, Elizabeth Warren maintained that she was one-thirty-second Cherokee based on Oklahoma family folklore, but no formal corroboration of this claim's validity has ever emerged. Allegations persist that Warren nonetheless used her "minority" status to obtain important law teaching positions at several Ivy League universities under the affirmative action umbrella.

In an appearance with Varney & Co. on the Fox Business Channel, Ayyadurai, 53, explained that Donald Trump's election victory, in his view, signaled a new American revolution in which non-career-politicians with actual business experience rather than establishment lawyer/lobbyists should run for office. A Massachusetts resident since 1981, he characterized President Trump as his hero who is doing a great job.

As far as Elizabeth Warren's heritage is concerned, he offered this pointed commentary, TheHill and Truth Revolt reported (see video below).

"I think only a real Indian can defeat a fake Indian. Because the issue of real Indian and fake Indian, there's a truth there, because here's a woman who actually checked off the box saying she was a Native American. I mean, this foretells a person who's basically a self-serving elitist, is willing to cut in line as she needs, is willing to promote policies, for example, illegal immigration, so others can cut in line. I came in as a legal immigrant. So, there's essentially disrespect for the laws and a disrespect for the country."
Last year, a prominent Native American writer referred to Warren as a "Pretendian." In 2012, Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes asserted that no authentication existed for Warren's purported Native American heritage.

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In May, 2012, The Atlantic, a liberal publication, explained in a detailed story that based on genealogical evidence, Warren was not eligible for membership in any of the three Cherokee tribes recognized by the U.S. government, but also asserted that she never benefited in her professional career from claiming that ancestry

Yesterday, the liberal New York magazine offered this summary of the political ramifications revolving around Elizabeth Warren's alleged Native American background.

"Since it ties together alleged mendacity and privilege-seeking with identity politics and political correctness, this story has been catnip to conservatives, as reflected in the president's habit of referring to the senior senator from Massachusetts as 'Pocahontas.' None of this is to suggest that Ayyadurai is an immediate threat to Warren's reelection. Still, Ayyadurai could be a serious annoyance for Warren, if no other reason than that his tactics will draw attention."
Siva Ayyadurai says can unseat
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According to Politico, Elizabeth Warren already has a sizable campaign war chest, having raised $3.45 million in the second quarter of 2017 alone. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai believes he can still win a general election while running a more frugal campaign through his social media expertise.

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