Beyonce Hasn't Worked Out Since She Delivered Sir And Rumi, She's Just Naturally Gorgeous

Beyonce almost broke the internet this week when she showed off photos of her brand new twins, Sir and Rumi Carter, and now a source close to the singer says that Queen Bey hasn't worked out since delivering the twins.

The sexy singer still debuted a trim waist in her photo that almost mimicked a shot of the Virgin Mary. Although she hasn't worked out, it is probably safe to say that the mother-of-three has gotten lots of exercise running after Blue Ivy and making sure her babies are fed and diapered.

Many online fans bemoaned the fact that the singer just had a baby a month ago and that her stomach was already flatter than most people who haven't had children.

In the now-famous photo, Beyonce was wearing a Palomo Spain outfit and posed outside her Malibu rental home. The star, though somewhat posed like the Virgin Mary (but also compared to classical paintings of Venus), debuted her babies similarly to the way she announced her pregnancy with the twins.

Beyonce was spotted out with Jay-Z the night before unveiling Sir and Rumi Carter, looking as though she's been spending the past month slaving at the gym and paying close attention to everything in her diet.

The star's photo of the stunning debut of her children earned her close to 10 million likes and over a quarter of a million comments. It's safe to say that Sir and Rumi are a social media hit. In fact, they are so popular that the twins received over 1 million likes in the first 30 minutes after Beyonce posted the photo.

Although she officially confirmed the children's names via the photo, savvy fans were able to find the names through a series of internet searches that confirmed they had trademarked the children's names before they were even born.

Beyonce's photo has reached an iconic status, to the point that several moms have already parodied the photo with their own children to hilarious results.

Those who participated in the parodies were mostly mothers of twins who mocked the expectations that the media has for women, especially when someone like Beyonce seems so effortless.

[Featured Image by Chris Polk/Getty Images]