Jeremy Roloff Gives Update On New Home, Audrey’s Pregnancy

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have their first baby on the way, and they just made a big move back to Portland to be near their family. Jeremy just went to his Instagram to give fans an update on how they are doing now and how the pregnancy is going. The fans can’t wait for Audrey and Jeremy’s new bundle of joy to arrive.

Jeremy Roloff shared that they have been working really hard on their new home. On Little People, Big World, he explained that they wanted to get their house all done before the baby was born if at all possible. He explained that even though they are living in Portland, he is still driving back and forth to Bend, but that is for a weekly Bible leadership class with some men in their home church. It sounds like Jeremy is really enjoying taking part in that class and will continue.

Another thing that Jeremy Roloff shared about is Audrey’s pregnancy. On the show, they revealed that they won’t be having a little person. He said that she only has seven weeks of pregnancy left, so they are getting closer to their baby girl arriving. Jeremy shared that the baby is healthy and has been kicking, so that is a great thing.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s little girl will be the second grandbaby for Matt and Amy Roloff. Tori and Zach just had their baby, Jackson. Matt has made it very clear that he is excited about his grandbabies and even made a room at his home just for them. Of course, he needed a bit of help and his girlfriend, Caryn, was there to help him get the room all set up. They even made a big sandbox outside for the kids at the farm.

Are you happy to hear how great Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are doing now? Do you think that moving back to Portland was the right idea? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Little People, Big World when they air on TLC. Right now, the show isn’t airing new episodes, but hopefully, when it returns, they will share all about Jeremy and Audrey’s baby.

[Featured Image by Jeremy Roloff/Instagram]