Boston Celtics Rumors: Gordon Hayward Reveals Why He Went With Celtics Over Miami Heat, Utah Jazz

There are a lot of Boston Celtics rumors about how the team landed Gordon Hayward in free agency and why he ended up choosing the franchise over the Miami Heat and Utah Jazz. Now Gordon has issued a statement about the Celtics that might create a lot of excitement for fans of the team. A report by ESPN confirms that the two sides have finally signed the max contract which will pay Gordon roughly $128 million over the next four NBA seasons. The All-Star and former member of the Utah Jazz had a lot to say about his decision.

"The last couple weeks have been pretty crazy for me. There was just something different about Boston and different about being a Celtic. It was just a special feeling when talking about being a Boston Celtic. And that ultimately won me over."
The reunion between Gordon Hayward and Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens certainly doesn't hurt either. Stevens recruited Hayward to go play at Butler and developed a good relationship during those college years. That may have given the Celtics a built-in advantage when it came to luring one of the best available free agents this year. It's an advantage that team president Danny Ainge quickly jumped on after the team missed out on trading for Jimmy Butler and Paul George.There are still a number of NBA rumors about the way that Hayward left the Utah Jazz and how his agent may not have been completely honest during the whole process. At one point, it was leaked that Hayward had agreed to the terms of a contract with the Celtics, but Hayward's agent said that a decision hadn't even been made yet. Later that day Hayward would release a long article that he had chosen to sign with the Celtics, creating a lot of opinions that he had his agent string along the Jazz so he could finish writing the piece.At the end of the day, Gordon Hayward is now a starter for the Boston Celtics. He joins a team that continues to build up a roster in the hopes of competing with the Cleveland Cavaliers and eventually dethroning LeBron James. Danny Ainge has been very patient during the process, but signing Hayward certainly shows his confidence that the team is nearly ready to be a true contender. While there are still other Boston Celtics rumors about the team adding more players, the team now has an important piece in place.

[Featured Image by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images]