'Alaskan Bush People': Matt Attempts Bizarre Pickup Line, But Does It Work?

While the Alaskan Bush People family members are preoccupied with Ami fighting her battle with cancer, Matt was missing for a few hours recently and he was getting at least one of his brothers peeved with his absence. Matt was out and about and he ran into a girl who struck his fancy. He did his best at spewing out a pickup line while attempting to sound like an authority on a certain type of fashion, which the girl happened to be wearing at the time.

As Radar Online suggests, it's no secret that Matt has an eye for the ladies on the Alaskan Bush People show. Matt has already gathered a reputation for being somewhat of a flirt. Because he's lived a rather sheltered life in the wilderness, his ideas of a pickup line might be a bit different than the average guy his age.

When he recently attempted a pickup line, which presumingly just popped out of his head, it didn't work to the point where he had this pretty young woman swooning over him. But at least she did manage to pay some attention to him after he dropped his line.

Meanwhile, back at the family hub, Bear was getting a bit perturbed that Matt was the only one not there with the other family members who were all gathered around Ami. In a recently released clip, Bear is heard saying, "He better be married! I mean it. He better have a ring on his finger and he better be married."

Bear is basically saying that "Matt better be married," which is about the only excuse Bear will take from his older brother for being so late. As Radar Online reports, Bear is saying this while he lets out a few sighs over Matt's tardiness.

So what about this pickup line? Matt really does have quite the imagination. The pretty young woman that Matt has in his scopes is named Amanda and she happens to be wearing a polka dot dress. It appears that suddenly Matt becomes quite the expert in the origin of polka dots and he decides to share his wisdom with this young lady.

He turns to Amanda and says,

"I do like the polka dots that's pretty cool. Did you know that they invented the polka dots in the 1950's at the same time that they invented the hula hoop? It was named after polka music." Where Matt got his information from, well, no one knows, but according to what The Hairpin reports for the origin of polka dots, Matt is several decades off and a cartoon character short.

The first time the masses showed some interest in polka dots was back in 1926 when Miss America was photographed in a polka dot swimsuit. Not too long after that, Disney introduced Minnie Mouse and her outfit was the red polka dot dress. That was back in 1928. It was during the decade of the 1930s when women wore articles of clothing that sported polka dots of all sizes and colors.

As far as music goes, Matt deeming the polka dot as a descendant of polka music doesn't seem to coincide with written history. Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra himself, had a hit in 1940 called "Polka Dots and Moonbeams," which put some music to America's infatuation with polka dots. If Amanda is up on the history of polka dots, then when the next show airs, there may be a debate going on between the two over the origin of those dots.

Matt then asked Amanda if maybe she'd like to get together with him for fishing or maybe a movie. It looks like the Alaskan Bush People fans will have to tune into the next episode to see if the line about polka dots worked and if Amanda did agree to go out on a date with Matt.

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