WWE News: Huge Update On What Impact Wrestling Wanted From Matt Hardy For Broken Matt Gimmick

So far, all the information about the battle between Impact Wrestling and WWE superstar Matt Hardy has been a "he said-she said" variety. However, Sports Illustrated has investigated the entire situation surrounding the Broken Matt gimmick controversy and have revealed some very interesting information. Included in that article is how much the Hardy's would have paid for the Broken Matt rights and what Impact Wrestling wanted on top of that.

The Broken Matt Controversy

Before the Sports Illustrated article hit, Matt Hardy has said that they had an agreement with Impact Wrestling to use the Broken Matt gimmick in the WWE. He said they were paying for the rights and his wife Reby Sky even said that the agreement included clauses where the two sides would not talk disparagingly about each other. Reby said that included a $5,000 fine anytime Reby Sky posted something about Anthem Sports on her Twitter page.

On his conference call this week with reporters, Jeff Jarrett was asked about this and he said there was no agreement yet. Reby Sky immediately went to Twitter and blasted Jarrett and Anthem Sports and Matt Hardy said that they were going to make this nasty if it wasn't settled soon.

It now turns out that there might have been an agreement between Impact Wresting and Matt Hardy for the Broken gimmick but Ed Nordholm had not signed it.

The New Broken Matt Contract Information

According to Sports Illustrated, Matt Hardy was willing to pay between $10,000 and $15,000 for the right to use the Broken Matt gimmick in the WWE and elsewhere. The non-disparagement clause was also true, with Reby Sky being forced to pay Anthem Sports $1,000 for the first time she posted something bad about the company and $5,000 on further violations.

However, the report then says that GFW Impact Wrestling and Anthem Sports wanted more for the Broken Matt rights. In what the Hardy brothers called a "heist and money-grab," Anthem Sports wanted 50-percent of all the Hardy's revenue. That includes 50-percent of their WWE contracts as well as 50-percent of all the money that Jeff Hardy makes from his art and music careers on the side.

WWE News: Huge Update On What Impact Wrestling Wanted From Matt Hardy For Broken Matt Gimmick
[Image by Impact Wrestling]

As far as the new demands, Matt and Jeff Hardy have made it clear that they will not give up 50-percent of their total income, including non-wrestling money, to Anthem Sports in an agreement like this. However, the problem is that neither side wants to go to court but it looks as if it is heading in that direction.

According to Anthem Sports, the WWE has already said they are not interested in owning the Broken Matt gimmick and will only use it if Hardy gains the rights to it himself. It seems that Impact Wrestling believes they have the advantage in the case due to that.

WWE News: Huge Update On What Impact Wrestling Wanted From Matt Hardy For Broken Matt Gimmick
[Image by Impact Wrestling]

Why Is Impact Wrestling Playing Hardball?

The big problem for Impact Wrestling is that the Broken Matt gimmick is worthless to them unless they want to use it on DVDs or merchandise. If they try to do that, all Matt Hardy has to do is go online refuse to endorse the products and tell his fans not to buy it or support the company.

The non-disparagement agreement would fix that. However, as Sports Illustrated reported, Jeff and Matt Hardy will not give up so much for the Broken Matt gimmick and would rather try their luck in court, because Hardy said they have a lot "to expose."

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