June 28, 2016
Chelsea Houska Wants 'Teen Mom 2' To End, Reality Star's Dad Drops Bombshell During Podcast

Chelsea Houska is one of the most popular Teen Mom stars from the franchise. She has a huge following of young women who have watched her grow up on television. From the young teen girl who found herself pregnant in high school to the mother and soon-to-be wife she is today, Houska has definitely made her parents proud. Her dad, Randy Houska has been an active part of her life and helped her with Aubree in order to get her on her own two feet. At this point in life with the help of family and friends, Chelsea Houska is on the right track.

In October, Chelsea Houska will marry Cole DeBoer. The two have been filming Teen Mom 2 but have opted to keep their wedding completely private. MTV wanted to film the entire thing, which would have allowed them to have it paid for by the network. Houska stuck to her guns but promised to share photos with the show so that they could be shown on Teen Mom 2. According to the Ashley, Randy Houska talked about Chelsea Houska's decision to keep the wedding private on a recent podcast. He went on to say how proud he was of his daughter for sticking to her guns. It would have been easy for DeBoer and Houska to opt for an all-expense paid wedding, but they chose to do what they wanted. It was confirmed that the bachelorette party and some events for the wedding will be filmed for the show instead of the wedding.

It was announced that Season 8 of Teen Mom 2 would be happening, and all of the ladies had signed on to do it, including Chelsea Houska. Some of the men had reservations about returning and as of now, it is unknown if Jeremy Calvert or Adam Lind will return. It will not affect Houska if her ex-boyfriend chooses not to film since she has sole custody of Aubree and will continue letting her film as long as she remains on the show. During the podcast, Randy Houska let it slip that Chelsea was considering being done with Teen Mom 2 and would not be sad if it ended. She wants to live a more private life as she gets older and is excited begin a family with her soon-to-be husband, Cole DeBoer. Until then, Houska will remain on the show in order to help furnish her lavish lifestyle and attempt to pay off her house.

Fans have watched Chelsea Houska go through a lot since being on 16 & Pregnant. She was back and forth with Adam Lind for quite some time before finally realizing she was done. Since then, Houska remained unattached until meeting Cole DeBoer by chance. The two immediately hit it off. While there wasn't much filming with him in the beginning, he is more present now. DeBoer was uncomfortable around the cameras but has been much more open to filming this season. Seeing him with Aubree has melted the hearts of those who watched and angered Lind as realized how much he was missing out on. In fact, when he showed up for the Teen Mom 2 reunion he refused to speak about anything other than mentioning he would not be returning after his contractual obligations were handled.

There are just a few more months before Chelsea Houska will officially become Chelsea DeBoer. She has shared bits and pieces of things that have happened so far regarding the wedding. Her details about the wedding were leaked when Houska's wedding registry was found. None of the information put out there was confirmed or denied, but it appeared to be legit based on the research done. Chelsea Houska waited to find the right man, and she will be getting her happily ever after.

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