Reality TV Show Coming Soon: “Best Funeral Ever”

The Learning Channel (TLC) is launching a new reality TV show that could very well make “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” and “Sister Wives” look like a work of genius, says Yahoo News.

TLC is going behind the scenes at a highly unconventional funeral parlor where they claim they’re putting the “fun” back into “funeral”.

To some, this is not surprising considering their previous shows “Cake Boss” and “Extreme Couponing“.

John Beckwith Jr., the funeral director of Dallas’ Golden Gate Funeral Home, works with the family of the deceased to come up with a theme, and then proceeds to throw a wild party. Beckwith explains his company’s approach:

“A home-going is much different than a funeral, it’s a celebration. The Golden Gate experience is our version of the traditional African American home-going celebration. We do not produce generic funerals; everybody’s experience has to be different.”

Yahoo reports that Golden Gate’s services are:

“Constructed as a more vibrant and positive occasion than some traditional funerals.”

Pop sensation Whitney Houston’s family apparently used the same option upon her death.

Others planned already include one where the deceased gets to slum-dunk a basketball, a barbecue-theme (complete with live pigs and ceremonial rib-dipping), a Christmas theme with reindeer, elves and snow, and one set inside a boxing ring.

Says Beckman:

“We’re going to make these families extremely happy at the worst moments of their lives.”

Park Slope Productions brings us the debut special on December 26th.