Demi Lovato Reaches Out To Selena, They're Feeling Each Other's Songs And Fans Are Losing It

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez first appeared together on the children's series, Barney. Since then, they have matured in their own right, both releasing pop anthems of the summer. Selena Gomez has wowed her fans with her single, "Fetish," while Demi Lovato fans are just as in love with her single, "Sorry Not Sorry."

The former Disney Channel stars used to be best friends, but in recent years, they've grown apart from one another. There hasn't necessarily been a catalyst that fans know of, though there was a rumor that Demi Lovato wasn't a fan of Selena's one time beau, Justin Bieber.

However, Demi Lovato simply explained that the pair grew apart as they got older and just stopped speaking to one another. Demi stated that she and Selena just no longer have anything in common anymore.

But now that both girls have released "It" tracks of the summer, it looks like they may be heading toward common ground.

Demi Lovato tweeted to Selena after hearing her new single "Fetish" featuring Gucci Mane. Demi told her former BFF that she was loving the new track and said that the girls, who grew up together, have come a long way since their Barney days.

Fans of both girls totally lost it after seeing her reach out to her former bestie after so long, many congratulating them both on "dominating."

Selena Gomez actually tweeted back to Demi Lovato, which encouraged fans to freak out even more. She agreed the pair had come a long way since their original days on the PBS kids show, and confessed that she was listening to her former bestie's summer anthem, "Sorry Not Sorry."

Their fans are hoping this could be the first steps toward a reunion of the girls and a re-igniting of their former friendship.

Both young women are not only artists, but they have both been vocal about their struggles with depression and mental health. Selena Gomez stated that she created 13 Reasons Why partially because she related to the lead character, Hannah Baker, so much. Demi Lovato also candidly spoke about the time she spent in rehab for depression.

Listen to both women's sizzling summer singles below:

[Featured Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]