Skydiver Doesn't Pull Cord, Wife Finds Out His Plans Moments Before, Just Barely Missed Saving Him

In sad news, a skydiver didn't pull his cord resulting in his death and his wife could have saved him if she had found out his plan just a few moments sooner. She tried her best but missed warning the people on the plane by moments. People shared the news about the death of Capotorto Vitantonio, age 27. He sent his wife a video telling her that he was going to jump, but didn't have plans to pull his cord. He was a veteran skydiver and obviously knew what he was doing.

This skydiver did a huge jump of 13,500 feet above DeLand, Florida on Tuesday. This normally would have been a jump that would have gone fine if he would have pulled the cord on his parachute. It was the first flight of the day. Once he jumped, he never pulled the cord to release his parachute. He was later found face down near Skydive DeLand. This is a very busy skydiving area in Florida.

His wife couldn't save him in time, but she really did try. Costanza Zitellini rushed into the hangar and tried to tell them not to let him jump, but the plane had already taken off. When they were able to get in touch with the plane, her husband had already jumped from the plane. She only missed saving him by moments. He sent her a video message that she revealed said he was "not going to pull the cord and that he was going somewhere wonderful." That is all that she revealed that the video said, though.

Mike Johnston, the general manager, told The News-Journal that she only missed getting the message to her husband by moments. Of course, this has to make things harder on his wife, but if Capotorto Vitantonio had planned to do this then he might have just tried to do it his next jump considering that he skydives often. It sounds like he had made the decision that he was ready to die and this was how he wanted to do it.

The death of skydiver Capotorto Vitantonio has shocked a lot of people. Prayers are with his family and his wife so they can deal with this tough time in their life.

[Featured Image by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images]