Woman Cancels Wedding, Decides To Use $30K Reception To Feed Local Homeless Shelter

Indiana woman Sarah Cummins has turned one of the most devastating experiences of her life into a positive one by inviting a homeless shelter to come enjoy the $30,000 reception of her called off wedding.

The 25-year-0ld pharmacy student has stated that she doesn't want to explain why she and her ex-fiance decided not to get married, but the pair had been planning the event for over two years. They decided to call off the wedding very quickly near the date, which would have been this weekend, so she couldn't get a refund on all of the food she and ex-fiance had ordered for the party.

After spending a lot of time crying and calling vendors, the Purdue student decided she couldn't let the wedding feast, which was to seat 170 people at the Ritz Carlton, go to waste. Instead, she decided to invite a local homeless shelter to come share the food that was meant to help celebrate her wedding.

Cummins decided to have the same reception, using the same centerpieces she and her mother painstakingly made together. However, there was a little rearranging involved so that she no longer had a head table or a table for her gifts.

Wedding reception table
Guests from the homeless shelter will enjoy a gourmet dinner. [Image by senaymercan/iStock]

The guests will enjoy their gourmet dinner on the patio, where Cummins had wanted the dinner all along but held back in case of bad weather.

Cummins and her mother will arrive early to help set up the event, and she said that if she can emotionally handle it, she will be there for the entire dinner.

The residents of the homeless shelter will enjoy a menu of bourbon-glazed meatballs, goat cheese and roasted garlic bruschetta, and chicken breast with artichokes and Chardonnay cream. As Cummins couldn't cancel the wedding cake order, her original cake will be served for dessert.

Two buses will pick up the residents to bring them to the event and then take them back.

After the dinner, she will jet off to the Dominican Republic alone for what would have been her honeymoon.

Her ex-fiance says that he is proud of her for doing something so incredibly selfless in a time of such grief.

Wedding reception table setting
The guests will also enjoy a slice of wedding cake. [Image by ozgurcankaya/iStock]

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