Brandi Glanville And Paul Nassif Are Allegedly Friends Again

Brandi Glanville and Adrienne Maloof’s estranged husband Paul Nassif, allegedly made-up during a recent phone conversation. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Glanville claimed Maloof was not the mother of her children and instead used a surrogate, the Huffington Post.

Paul Nassif rather surprised Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans earlier this week when he voiced a somewhat vicious attack on Brandi Glanville in defense of his soon-to-be ex-wife. A Radar Online source claims that Nassif made multiple phone calls to Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife and begged her to forgive him for his on-camera rant.

The source had this to say about the alleged phone calls and truce between Brandi Glanville and Paul Nassif:

“It took a while, and several calls to Brandi. But, she finally gave in and forgave Paul. It was a really groveling apology that did the trick in the end. Paul realized he was out of line talking to Brandi like that and felt he was being egged on by Adrienne, who was also on the attack.”

The celebrity source also maintained that Nassif blamed Adrienne Maloof for the resentment he felt for Glanville. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills male cast member supposedly told Brandi that his comments were unfounded and that he considered her a friend. Nassif allegedly does not feel that his apology to Brandi meant that he was betraying Adrienne.

Befriending a wife’s arch enemy would usually get a husband, soon-to-be ex or not, in really hot water. But in the in the reality show world, this week’s foe could be next week’s best friend. The similarity between adult women who cash a reality show paycheck and insecure yet vicious high school girls can sometimes be shocking.