'Charlie's Angels' Reunion As Drew Barrymore And Cameron Diaz Share Selfie Together

It looks like we had a Charlie's Angels ruin yesterday, but don't get your hopes up of any of the regulars coming back for a reboot. It looks like Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz spent some time together recently and Drew shared a sweet selfie of the two of them on her Instagram account. Costars turned best friends? That seems to be what happened for Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore.

For those not paying attention, Cameron Diaz has been missing form the Hollywood scene lately. She has not starred in a movie since Annie back in 2014, so any appearance or selfie containing Cameron Diaz is a big deal. It looks like Cameron has just been trying to find herself and discover who she is as a person, not as an actress. Maybe she is coming out of hiding, one selfie at a time?

Time will tell, but it looks like Drew Barrymore enjoyed her time with her "sister" and her best friend. In the Instagram post, Barrymore talked about "getting out of the house with your sister" and feeling rejuvenated after spending some time with Cameron away from the Hollywood scene. That is what friends are supposed to be there for, right?

While we have not seen much from Cameron Diaz over the past few years, she has been around and she has been there for Drew Barrymore. As we all know, Drew split from her husband, Will Kopelman, back in April 2016. This was a difficult time for her and it looks like Cameron was there to support her, as Cameron discussed.
"Everybody pulls the wagons around, you know, our friends, whoever needs us at whatever point in time, even if it's like something that the public doesn't know about. Internally we're all going like, 'Okay, who needs us now?'"
The besties were costars back in 2000, as they both starred in the Charlie's Angels movie, alongside Lucy Liu. The movie was a big hit and even had a sequel come from it, titled Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. This is where the Diaz and Barrymore friendship blossomed and continues to shine today. Their friendship is so deep, Barrymore joked about being arrested and her one phone call would go to Diaz.
"Not that any one of us are going to jail anytime soon. But 100 percent. She would, like, get in there and get you out."
It is great to see this sweet selfie between Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz. It is even more great to see Cameron looking happy and healthy, outside of the Hollywood scene.

[Featured Image by Franco Origlia/Getty Images]