Rob Kardashian: Lamar Odom Urging Him To Stay Strong Amid Chyna Child Custody Fiasco

Rob Kardashian is receiving all kinds of support from people he hasn't spoken to in years, including Lamar Odom.

Rob, who notably shared a very close relationship with the disgraced athlete when Khloe was still married to Odom, has been going through endless problems concerning Blac Chyna and their daughter, Dream Kardashian.

Sources say that things have not been looking too good for Rob Kardashian, who infamously leaked naked photos of Chyna on Instagram in anger, having found out that the former stripper was sleeping with other men while claiming she wanted to reconcile with the TV star.

It infuriated Rob Kardashian to the point where he wanted to show the world what kind of situations he had found himself in, having also stressed that Chyna allegedly tried to spend all of his money.

Lamar Odom has been stunned by some of the things he has heard Rob Kardashian say about the mother of his child, having never thought things would have gotten this bad between the two.

While Lamar and Rob Kardashian are no longer friends, the former Clippers player is reportedly standing by his former pal's side, stressing that he wants Rob to stay strong and focus on the important things such as his daughter.

Chyna hasn't threatened to take away custodial rights from Rob Kardashian over the scandal that happened last week, but it goes without saying that if the USC graduate was to continue acting like this, she would possibly consider it.

Sources, via Hollywood Life, affirm that Lamar really wants to be there for Rob Kardashian — especially now that he's back in Los Angeles.

The duo hasn't had a close bond since Odom and Khloe Kardashian divorced and went their separate ways. Lamar's drug addiction was said to have been the downfall to their close friendship.

But at times like these, where it seems like the entire world is coming down on Rob Kardashian, Lamar is stepping up and reportedly wants to make the move in helping his estranged friend get back on his feet and bounce back better than ever before.

Rob Kardashian's depression and anxiety battle have taken the better of him for the past five years.

Lamar doesn't want Chyna to add more complications to the mix of things, which is why he's stepping up to show Rob some support, with potential plans to organize a get-together very soon.

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