Ariel Winter Slams Body Shamers After Wearing A Tiny Crop Top And Short Shorts

Ariel Winter is known for her tiny clothing and barely there outfits, and the star has made it known that she doesn't care what fans think--kind of. The star admits that she has been body shamed and given a lot of "hate" online, and that she has tried to move past it. She also has expressed the wish for people to allow young women to simply live their lives and stop telling them what to wear or do.

Most recently, the star was body shamed after wearing a tiny lace top and booty shorts, which fans alleged that she "squeezed" into. The star, however clapped back at her haters.

"It's SUMMER. Get over it. It's hot, I'm obviously going to wear minimal clothes. I'm not going to suffer in a turtleneck to please anyone."
Ariel Winter was recently slammed by her own mother for her choice of clothing, though the pair are currently estranged. Her mother stated that she thought it was "sad" that Ariel "had" to dress like that "to get attention," but Ariel slammed her saying she could dress how she wanted.

The young actress was emancipated from her mother as a teenager after severe difficulties and strain in their relationship.

According to Ariel Winter, her mother is an extremely toxic person who only speaks to Ariel through the press. She states that her mother has not reached out to her personally in several years, and instead goes to the tabloids to talk about their estranged relationship.

Ariel Winter was asked why she cares what her haters say underneath her Instagram photo, with fans encouraging her to wear "what she wants" and what she knows she looks good in.

The star recently did an interview with Refinery 29 in which she discussed that women should reclaim the beach as a space they want to be in. Instead of being afraid of going to the beach because their body is not perfect, she encourages women of all shapes and sizes to go and enjoy themselves no matter what their body looks like.

The Modern Family star is also an outspoken animal advocate.

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