United Airlines Sends Rapper's Dog To The Wrong Airport

As if United Airlines hasn't suffered enough bad PR in the past few months, the airline is now in hot water for sending a rapper's dog to the wrong city during a layover. ScHoolboy Q, a self-proclaimed dog lover who says all he has are his pets and his daughter, was beside himself when he found out his dog, Yeeerndamean, had been sent to Chicago instead of his intended destination, Burbank, California.

ScHoolboy Q was traveling on United Airlines from Missouri to California where he had a layover in Denver. His dog, Yeeerndamean, was supposed to get on his connecting flight to Burbank and meet him at the airport. Instead, United Airlines switched him with another dog, and the rapper was handed someone else's pet.

United Airlines quickly tracked down Yeeerndamean and found that he had been mistakenly sent to Chicago. ScHoolboy Q was clearly unimpressed by the turn of events and has taken to Twitter to express his outrage with the airlines.

He has threatened to sue United Airlines and expressed concern for his dog who had been traveling for several hours. As dogs are typically not let out of their cages when traveling, he was worried that Yeeerndamean had urinated and pooped in his cage.

He went as far as to call United Airlines "idiots."

ScHoolboy Q had just purchased the new dog, a French bulldog puppy who had been born in Denver.

When he tweeted to United Airlines, calling them "idiots," they replied saying they were going to look into it further.

United Airlines has maintained that the dog is being well looked after until he is reunited with his rightful owner. But this hasn't stopped ScHoolboy Q's anger, and he has stated that he plans to sue the airline for their ridiculous mistake.

The airline has faced severe criticism in the past, most recently when a woman's child fainted from overheating. The mother son duo were waiting for two hours on the tarmac on a delayed flight, which the mother called "an oven with wings." Her son eventually went limp in her arms but was rushed to the emergency room where he made a full recovery.

[Featured Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]