Abby Lee Miller's Los Angeles Dance Studio Closes Its Doors, Abby Can No Longer Afford Rent

Abby Lee Miller's ALDC LA studio has been up for rent for quite a while, and now it looks like the studio has officially closed its doors. With Abby Lee Miller in prison and Dance Moms no longer filming in the location, the studio could not justify keeping open the $30,000/month space.

It appears the studio will be moving to a much smaller location down the street, but this has not yet been confirmed.

Several students from Abby Lee Miller's studio posted photos of the building as it was cleared out for moving day.

Abby Lee Miller self-surrendered to prison on Wednesday with a Lifetime camera crew in tow so that they could get the very last glimpse of Abby Lee before she disappeared into the FCI Victorville Facility.

The reality star has previously confessed that she was worried she would be unable to pay the rent on her dance studio while she was in prison, and unfortunately, it looks like it's coming true.

Due to her crimes, including bankruptcy fraud and not declaring money when she came back to the United States from Australia, Abby Lee Miller was forced to pay several fines to the federal government before she made her way to prison.

Details have emerged from a former inmate at the FCI Victorville Facility who believes that Abby Lee miller will be given a job in the kitchen while she is in prison. This will entail working four hours a day, and is one of the nicer jobs that inmates can have.

The disgraced Dance Moms star was coached before going to prison about what jobs are preferable for an inmate, the kitchen being one of them.

For the first month of Abby Lee Miller's 366-day stint in jail, she won't be working at all while she acclimates to the environment and does an orientation.

It is possible that Abby Lee Miller will not serve her entire 366 day sentence due to overcrowding. If she demonstrates good behavior, she may be released a few months early from the facility, which is incredibly likely.

The star admitted to being scared of physical assault or rape before going into prison.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]