'Big Brother 19' Fans Think Injured Christmas Abbott Can Still Win 'BB19,' Point To 'BB1' Winner Eddie McGee

Big Brother is known for its physical competitions, but can a person with a broken foot actually win the show? Big Brother 19 star Christmas Abbott is in very bad shape. The fitness guru broke her foot while horsing around in the BB backyard with castmate Jason Dent and she had to get surgery, but the injury turned out to be much more serious than she originally thought.

According to Buddy TV, when Christmas Abbot returned to the Big Brother house after her surgery, she revealed to the other houseguests that she broke 10 bones in her foot and that she needed to get a donor bone as well as four pins and several screws. Christmas will also be in a cast for a minimum of six weeks and maybe up to 10, which would take her to the end of the Big Brother game should she make it that far. In addition, Abbott will need a full year of recovery, and after arthritis sets in she will need another surgery sometime in the next five years.

Christmas Abbott exited the Big Brother house for 52 hours for her surgery. Some viewers were outraged that Christmas was allowed to stay on the show, while others defended the producers' decision to let her cast last week's eviction vote from her hospital bed.

Now that she's out of the hospital, Christmas comes off as both an easy target and a sympathetic character. Either way, Abbott's fans think she still has what it takes to win the Big Brother game.
In fact, die-hard Big Brother fans point out that although Christmas Abbott is seriously injured, the long-running reality show's very first winner, Eddie McGee, had an even greater disability back in 2000. Eddie McGee is an amputee who lost his left leg to cancer at the age of eleven. He played the first season of the Big Brother game on crutches, and even he was surprised he won. In an essay for Moviemaker, Eddie McGee revealed that he tried out for the show after he was told he had the "body for radio," which made him angry.

"In 2000, I put myself out there and joined the first season of CBS' Big Brother." McGee wrote.

"To my surprise, I was the last remaining 'Houseguest' – I won. The show gave me exposure and I began receiving fan mail from people with disabilities who saw me as an inspiration."
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At the time, McGee told Big Brother host Julie Chen he was "awestruck" and "did not expect to win." But he did win, and now fans are taking to Twitter to write that if Eddie McGee can win Big Brother, so can Christmas Abbott.

Of course, in the first season of Big Brother, home viewers decided on the winner of the $500,000 grand prize, not the other houseguests or a "jury." On the Season 1 finale, McGee received 59 percent of the viewers' votes against runner-up Josh Souza. Fans also pointed out that in the early days of Big Brother, houseguests didn't have to compete in Head of Household or Power of Veto competitions, so Christmas Abbott could be at a greater disadvantage in the game than Eddie was.
See the video below for an update on original Big Brother winner Eddie McGee.
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