Johnny Depp: Foreclosures And Financial Woes, Still Living In Shadow Of Troublesome Year

It is certainly not a secret that Johnny Depp has endured a tumultuous year that began with the very dramatic and public divorce from actress Amber Heard, who alleged domestic violence on the part of the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

The former couple began divorce proceedings in the summer of 2016 and all was finalized in January after low blows were exchanged and restraining orders sought. Throughout the proceedings, Depp seemed not only unwilling to pay his ex the amount indicated by the judge overseeing the divorce, but not fully able. When the star began selling off a number of properties owned in Los Angeles, and even put his French estate on the market, red flags were raised that indicated all was not well in the financial life of Depp.

What followed was an unveiling of this very fact, when Johnny filed a suit against his former management team TMG, alleging that the company had mismanaged his finances for years and left him in a terrible financial situation.

TMG did not accept these accusations quietly, and instead the company's legal team divulged alleged spending habits of Depp, which they claim were the main reason that the star is struggling financially and also insisted that they had warned Johnny that his extravagant spending would lead to financial ruin.

The alleged habits included $30,000 per month spent on wine, $150,000 monthly for the security of his family, and who can forget the alleged $5 million Depp spent to fire Hunter S. Thompson's ashes from a cannon?

The latest news regarding the suit between Johnny Depp and TMG reveals that the spending habits of the star have been ruled as irrelevant to the case, as Vanity Fair relays. The publication noted the words of Teresa Beaudet, the ruling judge on the case.

"The pages of allegations of Depp's allegedly outrageous spending clearly have no relevance to the 5% commission allegedly owed TMG from the Pirates of the Caribbean payout, or to the final work done by TMG on transitioning their files to Depp's new representatives."
However, the tactics by TMG and information revealed regarding Depp have already reached the masses and done damage to Depp's reputation, despite the claims being struck from the case. In addition, TMG experienced a victory seeing as Beaudet ruled in favor of the company's fraud claim.TMG's attorney Michael Klump issued a statement regarding the ruling.
"The ruling was a clear victory for the Management Group because the court ruled in favor of our fraud claim. We intend to file an amended cross-complaint for declaratory relief.. All of the issues regarding Depp's extravagant spending continue to be fully included in the case."
Unfortunately for Johnny Depp, the star is continually haunted by his own financial mess. The latest news includes yet another Los Angeles property that has been in foreclosure proceedings since 2016, which Depp is now asking a court to halt, as Observer notes. The house was used as collateral in a loan from 2012 for $5 million.Johnny Depp is seeking $25 million in damages from his former management team and the case is set to go before a jury by next January if a settlement can not be reached.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]