Did Bill Clinton Use Hillary As An Example For Bad Campaign Tactics?

What was Bill Clinton thinking when he threw out an example that appeared to point the finger of blame at his own wife Hillary for losing the presidential election? Whether Bill Clinton meant to use his wife's failed campaign as an example or not, he described her attempt to run for the president to a tee and it wasn't in a positive light.

Bill and his good buddy, former President George W. Bush, joined together for a speaking event in Dallas, Texas, on Thursday. They were guests at the Presidential Leadership Scholars program. The two former presidents answered questions that were presented to them by moderators at the event, according to The Blaze.

One answer in particular that came from Clinton sounded as if he used Hillary's campaign as an example of what not to do when attempting a run at the Oval Office. The question was tossed out to both former presidents by moderator David Rubenstein. He asked if they could offer the most important quality someone would need when attempting a bid for the presidency.

It was former President Clinton's answer to this question that raised a few eyebrows. According to The Blazer, Howard Kurtz from Fox suggested that it appears Bill Clinton used Hillary Clinton's ill-fated campaign as an example of what not to do.

It seems Bill Clinton offered up a treasure trove of examples of what not to do when vying for the top seat in the nation and they were pretty much the same the things Hillary was accused of doing that caused her to lose the election. Bill was able to do this while leaving plenty of room to deny that he was referring to Hillary. But as Kurtz said, "it was obvious to the rest of us what he was talking about."

Bill Clinton's answer dropped some jaws and Fox and Friends Weekend asked their viewers if this answer sounded somewhat like a dig toward Hillary concerning the way she ran her campaign? Clinton's answer was as follows.
"I also think you have to begin with the end in mind. You have to say, yeah, you gotta win the election. But why in the heck are you running?"
He then pointed to Bush and said, "That's another thing I noticed about him. When he ran for governor against Ann Richards, he didn't say 'Ann Richards is a klutz.' said, 'I wanna be governor because I wanna do one, two, three things.'"

As Clinton continued, he said that Bush's attitude was "I wanna be governor because I wanna do one, two, three things. Couple of 'em I didn't agree with. But he had an agenda." Then Clinton said, "If you want to be president, realize, it's about the people, not about you."

Fox News commentator Howard Kurtz said that although Clinton gave himself enough wiggle room in his answer to deny he was critiquing Hillary's campaign, "It's obvious to the rest of us what he's talking about," Kurtz said. The Fox News commentator explained that Hillary came to the campaign with a list a mile long of liberal positions, but she had no theme.

Kurtz also said that Hillary couldn't emotionally connect with the voters. Her attempt to run for president on "Donald Trump is awful" didn't do the trick, which pretty much sums up what folks think Bill Clinton alluded to in his answer to the question.

While many saw Bill Clinton throwing shade on his wife, others saw Bill critiquing Donald Trump as he continued answering the question. He said, "And when it's over, and that's what a lot of these people who are real arrogant in office, they forget, and it passes more quickly than you know."

Bill Clinton went on to say that you want to leave the office being able to say that the kids of the nation now have a better future. You don't want to say "God, look at all the people I beat." Basically, many saw Bill Clinton giving an example of why Hillary lost and what Trump needs to do as the newest president of the nation so he can walk away with a legacy he'll be proud of instead of just being "the winner."

Bill Clinton framed his answer in a way that would not let anyone actually pin him down, as he was generic enough with his points that he can deny he was talking about anyone in his answers, like his wife Hillary Clinton.

Hillary was often compared to her husband Bill as she worked the campaign trail, according to The Blaze. Reports from insiders also said that there came a time during Hillary's campaign that they were attempting to keep Bill off the campaign trail so that he wouldn't upstage Hillary.

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