NBA Trade Rumors: Knicks Negotiating For Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight With Phoenix Suns For Anthony?

NBA trade rumors have the New York Knicks trying to acquire Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight from the Phoenix Suns. A Knicks-Suns trade of this fashion might suggest that a player like Carmelo Anthony is going to be involved, possibly making this a three-team deal that would land Anthony with a contender. While the Suns could certainly be improved with Anthony as the starting small forward, the team is in a complete rebuilding mode, so adding his contract makes little sense at this time.

A report by ESPN confirms these New York Knicks rumors, as the franchise continues to look for a veteran point guard to put in front of rookie Frank Ntilikina for the 2017-18 NBA season. The Phoenix Suns have been mentioned in a lot of recent NBA trade rumors, with Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight also continuing to garner interest around the league. Bledsoe has become a fan-favorite with the franchise, though, so it may be surprising to a lot of people that his name keeps coming up in trade discussions. It may also be too expensive for the Knicks to get Bledsoe.

Is it possible that these NBA trade rumors are all part of a deal to land Carmelo Anthony with the Houston Rockets? It's certainly possible, as the Phoenix Suns would be looking for young assets and draft picks, while the New York Knicks would want to acquire a significant point guard in any deal that gives up Anthony. Could this be foreshadowing for a three-team deal that could be completed before the weekend comes to a close?

After finishing with one of the worst records in the NBA (again) during the 2016-17 NBA season, the Suns may be looking to make some wholesale changes for the future. The franchise landed elite prospect Josh Jackson out of Kansas with the No. 3 overall selection in the 2017 NBA Draft and then added Miami shooting guard Davon Reed with a second-round selection. Both players could factor into the long-term plans of the team, but so could point guard Eric Bledsoe if he stayed on the roster.Eric Bledsoe has two years and $29.5 million left on his deal with the Phoenix Suns, while Brandon Knight will make roughly $44 million over the next three seasons. Both contracts could be considered good deals for a starting point guard, but it could all come down to what the New York Knicks have to give up to acquire one of them. It certainly won't be Kristaps Porzingis, but these NBA trade rumors would certainly make sense in conjunction with a Carmelo Anthony deal to the Houston Rockets. Could the Knicks trade rumors lead to acquiring Bledsoe or Knight without giving up Anthony?

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