'Big Brother 19' Spoilers: Veto Results Are In, Rumors Abound In 'BB19' House, Paul Abrahamian Has A Plan

Big Brother 19 spoilers reveal who won the Power of Veto already. The Week 3 Veto results from the BB19 house came in overnight, as the crew played out the Veto Competition a bit early this week. Fans watching the CBS live feeds got to see a treat late Friday evening (July 14), setting up what will be a very stressful weekend for several people who are on the chopping block.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Head of Household Alex Ow decided to go with Jessica Graf and Dominique Cooper as her two nominees this week. Alex assured Jessica that she was going to be safe for the week and that the real target was Dominique. Jessica failed to win the Power of Veto, meaning she has lost a final opportunity to save herself from being on the block, but the loss by Dominique likely punches her ticket to a meeting with host Julie Chen.

At the Veto Competition, it was Jason Dent who emerged as the winner, keeping the Power of Veto in the alliance that he currently shares with Alex Ow. Though these Big Brother 19 spoilers certainly highlight who is at risk, Paul Abrahamian is leaning on Alex Ow and Jason Dent to nominate Mark Jansen as a replacement for Jessica Graf. The plan would be to save Jessica, as she could be targeted later, and put Mark on the block to ensure that Elena Davies votes against Dominique Cooper.

Jason Dent has his own ideas about what to do with the Power of Veto. He wants to nominate Raven Walton and make a big game move. All of this chatter really shows that the two remaining showmances might be struggling to keep alliance members in check because their names keep coming up as potential nominees. The issue that they are dealing with is that Alex Ow isn't confident that they will actually vote out Dominique Cooper at the next Eviction Ceremony, so she may take action to make sure it happens.There are a lot of Big Brother 19 rumors floating around the house, with a lot of the current houseguests paranoid about what might be taking place. Mark Jansen and Raven Walton want to stay off the block because they are starting to fear that people will wait till later to get Dominque Cooper out of the BB19 house. Could Alex Ow and Jason Dent concoct a plan like that with the help of Paul Abrahamian? It's safe to now assume that Jessica Graf is going to get saved by the Power of Veto, but that many more Big Brother 19 spoilers will be emerging soon.

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