Alice Cooper Sets The Record Straight About Johnny Depp's Alleged Drinking Before Promoting His New Album

Alice Cooper decided to take a stand against the rumors surrounding Johnny Depp's alleged drinking. Depp has gotten a lot of hard knocks in the press, but the Hollywood Vampires' singer says the drinking rumors are nonsense.

Though Alice Cooper has his upcoming Paranormal album, tour, and lead single to promote, he wanted to talk about Johnny Depp. The veteran shock rocker had a rumor or two to dispel in a recent interview on the Daily Star.

Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry are in the band Hollywood Vampires together. Hollywood Vampires went on tour soon after Depp's separation from Amber Heard. The Hollywood Vampires are expected to record another album and tour again next year. The veteran shock rocker was supportive of his younger guitarist, showing great appreciation for his work.

Johnny Depp rumors abound, but the Daily Star reports Amber Heard made allegations that Depp drank to excess. Apparently, this rumor especially bothered Alice Cooper.

Johnny Depp does not drink too much, and doesn't have a drinking problem, explained Alice. Cooper doesn't drink at all but was proud to explain to the Daily Star that he'd never seen his guitarist drunk.

"It's so funny because you never see Johnny drunk, ever. It's just Johnny."
Alice Cooper is a preacher's son and born again Christian, with rock and roll roots as well as Christian ones. As a musician, Alice has seen some good friends drink themselves to death. Like most musicians, he has witnessed actual alcoholism as well as drug abuse.
Hollywood Vampires was started by Alice Cooper to honor the fallen heroes of rock and roll, many of whom succumbed to substance abuse. Many of Cooper's friends were alcoholics, but not Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp was asked to join Hollywood Vampires by Alice Cooper. Alice started the band as a tribute band and takes the work of Hollywood Vampires very seriously.

Johnny Depp of Hollywood vampires
Johnny Depp of Hollywood Vampires. [Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]

Alice Cooper continued to praise Johnny Depp's skills as a guitarist, and his nice guy disposition.

"And he's such a good guitar player that Joe Perry from Aerosmith takes guitar lessons from him. That's how good Johnny is. And he's the nicest guy in the world."
Johnny Depp has earned Alice Cooper's respect both as a versatile guitarist and as a friend.
"Johnny will go and play with Paul McCartney, he'll play with the Stones, he'll play with everybody."
Johnny Depp's many friends have reportedly come to his defense before amid the perpetual controversy surrounding Depp since Amber Heard left him. The Hollywood Vampires guitarist is well respected among musicians including Paul McCartney, Patty Smith, Marilyn Manson, and Liam Gallagher. Depp has played guitar with all four plus Alice Cooper.

Alice Cooper singing with his band
Alice Cooper singing with his band. [Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images]

Johnny Depp even played guitar for Kris Kristofferson at Glastonbury. The Hollywood Vampires guitarist joined Kristofferson on stage for "Sunday Morning Coming Down," a song written by Kris Kristofferson and later recorded and performed by Johnny Cash.

Cooper makes a valid point about Johnny Depp's versatility as an artist. Few guitarists could play equally well for Alice Cooper and Kris Kristofferson. Their music is quite diverse.

Alice Cooper also talked to the Daily Star about some of the new bands, compared to his own work.

"I listen to new bands and it's not really rock 'n' roll, it's so introverted. My job is to take people away from the news. It's like seeing Harry Potter."
Johnny Depp's Hollywood Vampires bandmate Alice Cooper has created a new studio album with his other band. The Paranormal album will be released July 28, according to Loudwire.

Alice Cooper's lead single, "Paranormal," has just been released in advance of the Paranormal album. There is a new lyrics video, spelling out the creepy lyrics, but his sweet voice is amazingly clear and youthful in this ghostly love song, one hardly needs to read the lyrics.

At 69, Alice Cooper's voice, though deliberately course in some songs, is as pure and clear as a choir boy's in others. This new song is more like his tone in "You and Me" and "Only Women Bleed" than the grittier "School's Out" or "I'm Eighteen," but the guitar work on "Paranormal" is blistering.


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