'Sister Wives' Update: Robyn Brown Defends Polygamous Marriage In Her Latest Blog Post

Sister Wives star and Kody Brown's fourth wife, Robyn, is finally speaking up to address divorce rumors and defend her polygamous marriage. In her latest blog post, Robyn Brown recounted her experiences growing up in a polygamous family and stated that being a sisterwife is "sacred to her."

Kody Brown's polygamous family has been subject to controversies since their reality show, Sister Wives, aired on TLC. After all, it isn't everyday that one gets to see a man happily living with four women and all of them getting along as one unit. Because of their unconventional lifestyle, rumors -- mostly about divorce -- surrounded the family.

Just recently, Life & Style published a report stating that Kody's four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, are all preparing to leave him. There are claims that the Sister Wives patriarch wants younger wives and is verbally abusive, according to Radar Online.

However, Robyn Brown's latest blog post seems to quash these allegations. Entitled "Why 'My Sisterwife's Closet'?", the blog post was meant to promote Robyn and her sister wives' online jewelry business.

The name 'My Sisterwife's Closet' came from the idea of the closet, because I always felt like that was where a person's story could be found.
Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn started this jewelry line to sell accessories mainly for women living in polygamous households. Robyn herself grew up in this kind of lifestyle and environment. She wrote that as a child, she knew their family was different and that she was scared to open up to tell her friends. Being a "sisterwife" has so many negative connotations from uninformed people, but for her, this is her way of life.
"When we started the show Sister Wives, it was almost hard for me to be okay with the title of the show. The word was so sacred to me, but so negative to the rest of the world."
According to the 38-year-old reality star, My Sisterwife's Closet is meant to shatter these taboos and make the world more understanding towards their beliefs. Kody's fourth wife went on to write that she loves all of Kody's other wives and their 18 combined children. This proves that the divorce rumors aren't true and that the Sister Wives family is still as tight as ever.
"I love my sisterwives and our relationship is unique and irreplaceable."
Sister Wives is currently on hiatus from television, though TLC still airs past seasons on its website. The family just welcomed its first grandchild, Baby Axel, last May. Because of this, there are speculations that the reality show will return with a brand-new season soon. However, TLC has yet to confirm this news.
Meanwhile, Kody's four wives are now busy with their own separate ventures. First wife Meri Brown is active with her LuLaRoe clothing business, while Janelle has just started an online community for fitness enthusiasts.

Despite their individual interests, the four women still support each other. In a recent Twitter post, Robyn shared a photo of her and Janelle selling items from their jewelry line at a local bazaar. Meri Brown also recently revealed that they spent the Fourth of July together as one family.

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