Real Ghost Allegedly Videobombs Local News Report On Haunted House [Video]

A Louisiana reporter who was filming a segment on the “most haunted house in America” became part of the story when her broadcast was upstaged by an honest-to-goodness ghost.

WGNO reporter Vanessa Bolano taped a segment from Louisiana’s Myrtles Plantation, the “most haunted house in America,” reports MSN Now. While investigating reports of hauntings, she unwittingly became part of the story when an alleged real ghost appeared in the footage. She noticed the ghost when she reviewed the report footage later.

In the segment, Bolano was profiling the 12 ghosts that allegedly live on the grounds of the south Louisiana plantation when one popped up behind her in the tape. Neither Bolano nor her cameraman noticed the apparition during filming, reports The Daily Mail.

She says that the ghost appeared while she was standing in the French Bedroom, which is believed to be the most haunted room in the house.


One of the most famous stories about the Myrtles Plantation involves the ghost of a slave girl named Chloe. She would often eavesdrop on conversations that she wasn’t supposed to, particularly her master’s private chats. She was caught one afternoon, and the master cut off her ear for the intrusion, according to legend.

Desiring revenge, Chloe baked a cake containing poisonous oleander leaves. Though it was intended for her master, his wife and daughters tasted it first. She was lynched by her fellow slaves for the crime, and allegedly haunts the plantation to this day, listening in on conversations had by the plantation’s visitors.

Here’s the video of Bolano’s report, which allegedly shows a real-life ghost: