Josh And Anna Duggar To Join ‘Counting On’ As They Welcome Their Fifth Child In August?

Josh and Anna Duggar have remained tight-lipped for a long time since news of Josh’s scandals made rounds online. While the Duggar family mention Josh and Anna every now and then, many fans remain curious whether these two will join the new Duggar show, Counting On, especially now that they are expecting their fifth child.

Various reports claim that the Duggar family is looking into slowly introducing Josh Duggar and his wife, Anna, back into the spotlight through their new TLC series, Jill & Jessa: Counting On. News on Josh’s possible return to the TV show was met with mixed reactions among fans and critics of the Duggar family. Some viewers felt that Josh should be kept completely away from the cameras, as his scandal was the reason behind the cancellation of their original series, 19 Kids and Counting.

Several viewers, however, thought that it would be interesting to see Josh and Anna back on the small screens, especially now that they are expecting their fifth child. Per The Hollywood Gossip, the Duggar family announced Josh and Anna’s pregnancy in March, which leads many to believe that Anna will give birth this August since she was reportedly 18-20 weeks pregnant when the family made the announcement.

If this timeline is true, then this means that Josh and Anna are more or less a month away from the birth of their fifth child. Several fans are hoping that the new member of the Duggar family will be featured on Counting On, especially since Jill Dillard also recently gave birth to her child.

Some fans remain firm, however, that Josh should never be given a second chance ever since his cheating scandals were made known to the public. Some were warming up to the idea of seeing Anna back to Counting On, while others were open to seeing both Josh and Anna back to the small screens, saying that Josh is only human and should, therefore, be forgiven for his past mistakes.

It is expected that the Duggar family will be making an announcement on Josh and Anna’s pregnancy through their social media accounts soon.

Do you think Josh and Anna Duggar should join the TLC series, Counting On?

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