Is ‘Southern Charm’ Season 4 A Tale Of Two Sheps?

With four seasons of Southern Charm under his belt, Shep Rose has learned a lot, but not as much as he learned this season, which has been the bumpiest yet. This year he let viewers a little bit deeper into his life for a “warts and all” view and learned a hard lesson when he got to hear the thoughts and opinions of fans, trolls, friends, and family. Between allowing cameras to follow him to the doctor’s office and a glimpse at his hard partying, Shep made himself a target.

Shep Rose, now 37, went to see Thomas Ravenel’s doctor, Dr. Billy, and found out that he had some elevated liver values. That episode was called “To Liver Die,” and the doctor suggested that Shep needed to stop drinking for a while, and then perhaps cut back. Shep seemed concerned that this was an indicator that he had done some damage to his liver. But Dr. Billy assured him that his liver would get better with time and some rest.

“You don’t have liver failure right now, but it’s a little inflamed.”

On Southern Charm, Shep tried going to a yoga class with Kathryn Dennis and took perhaps a week off before returning to his hard-partying ways, which was where Cameran found him after a night of heavy drinking.

Shep explained that this year, his friends and family, who are understandably protective, did not enjoy watching him struggle.

“You have a million people watching you now. There’s more scrutiny, and you have to think about that.”

In past seasons of Southern Charm, Shep was seen as a good time guy who bounced back in any scenario, but this year fans saw another Shep, older, and yes, a bit grumpier. In the past, even his verbal sparring with Craig seemed good natured, but this year, things got a bit darker. And not only did he go a few rounds with Craig this year, but he also got into it with Landon, essentially calling her a snob, and when he was envious that Austen and Chelsea were seeing each other, he told Austen that he wasn’t really in the market for more friends.

And speaking of Chelsea, it seems that even though she was seeing Austen on Season 4 of Southern Charm, Shep decided to give it one more try and tried to kiss her against her will. Chelsea was obviously not totally over the whole event because it will be a topic on part two of the Southern Charm reunion on Monday night. Chelsea will speak of Shep as a different person when he drinks.

In part one of the Southern Charm reunion, Cameran also mentioned that Shep was different and not so nice when he drinks, and even he had to admit that he often made bad decisions under the influence. Shep did tell Dr. Billy that he would have about 12 drinks in an evening, and Andy Cohen thought that sounded like an awful lot. But Shep is hoping that his time as the bad guy is over.

“Everybody gets their turn to be the villain. Or, I hope that’s not, I hope I’m not the villain.”

But if the previews of part two of the Southern Charm reunion tell us anything, it’s that there will be more talk about Shep being an alcoholic. In part one, he seemed to have his own concerns.

“I hate that I don’t have self-control. I hate that after a few beers everything sounds like a good idea.”


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It now seems like forever since Landon professed her love for Shep last year on Season 3 of Southern Charm because it seems safe to say that that ship has sailed. Landon is now saying that the affable guy that people see on Southern Charm isn’t the whole picture or the only Shep. The passed out frat boy was the other part.

“We finally got to see the real Shep. They’ve been sugar coating him for a while now. When Cameran Eubanks found him in his bed, full clothes at 1 PM, that is Shep.”

Which do you think is the real Southern Charm Shep, the affable best friend or the party boy?

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