Ager Hasan Arrested After Multi-National Manhunt: Allegedly Murdered Ex-Girlfriend, Then Confessed On Reddit

Ager Hasan, a 24-year-old Canadian man that has been on the run for months, was finally arrested in Texas by the Secret Service. According to People magazine, the man is accused of stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death. Later, he allegedly confessed to the crime on Reddit. He continued to post to his social media accounts, such as Instagram, while on the run. He even began sending emails to the police department. The Secret Service got involved after an anonymous tip about another type of crime.

Inspector Michael Haffner of Canada’s Waterloo Regional Police Service told the news outlet that they have been searching for Hasan for two months. It was a multi-national manhunt and he was finally apprehended during a traffic stop in San Antonio.

On April 28, Ager’s ex-girlfriend, 22-year-old Melinda Vasilije, was found dead in her Kitchener, Ontario, home. The hairstylist had been stabbed several times.

After the murder, Hasan went on the run, crossing the Canadian border into Niagara Falls the same day of Melinda’s death. Despite being a wanted man, Ager kept posting to his social media profiles and wrote posts on forums and websites such as Reddit.

During the two months he was on the run, Ager was seen on at least two occasions. The first was in a surveillance video at a Wal-Mart in Pennsylvania. He was seen allegedly stealing a license plate. The second time he was spotted was in Hurricane Hills, Tennessee, in late May.

“It was actually at a truck stop in Hurricane Mills and his conversation was suggesting he was heading for the Mexican border. That was one of the theories we had that he was heading south.”

At one point, he, or someone claiming to be him, went on Reddit to discuss Melinda Vasilije‘s death. According to the Waterloo Region Record, he allegedly confessed on the website, claiming it was self-defense. The writer posted that Vasilije was stabbed after she lunged at him with a knife. According to the post, the fight reportedly began when Ager admitted he was involved with someone else while dating Melinda. That post has since been taken down.

Police found out about the Reddit post from Ager Hasan’s mother, who saw it online. She believes it was written by her son because it included images only he would have. However, law enforcement declined to comment on if they believe the post is from the suspect or not.

“I hit her with it [the knife], almost blindly. A few times. I was confused, shocked, and scared. I had no intentions of that happening. When I left, I honestly thought she just passed out. Then, I looked at the blood, and started freaking out and just ran.”

Hasan also sent the police emails, in which investigators tried to encourage him to stop running and turn himself in.

Murder is not the only criminal charge the defendant faces. He is also accused of breaking into Melinda’s home on April 3. According to the report, he allegedly assaulted two people associated with his ex-girlfriend.

“We believe she was the intended target of the attack, but it was thwarted by two individuals who were then allegedly assaulted. We believe their relationship had ended prior to the homicide but it may have been still going on on April 3.”

The suspect was arrested by the Secret Service when they were investigating a tip that a man was receiving or in possession of counterfeit currency. At the time, they did not know that the suspect was wanted for murder. They also had no clue that after 10 weeks of searching, it would finally be the end of a multi-national manhunt.

On September 11, Ager Hasan will attend an extradition hearing to determine if he will return to Canada. Melinda Vasilije’s loved ones have asked for privacy.

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