'Big Brother 19' Spoilers: Week 3 HOH Nominations May Shock Viewers, Christmas Abbott Returns With Bad News

Big Brother 19 spoilers from Friday afternoon, July 14, may now include the Week 3 HOH nominations. There is a new person in charge of the BB19 house after a late-night endurance challenge in the back yard. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Alex Ow emerged as the winner, taking over the power and gaining the right to name two nominees for eviction. There was a lot of chatter between Alex and other houseguests overnight, with several ideas coming up, but Alex eventually settled on her target and pawn for the week.

Alex Ow still wants to have a long conversation with Christmas Abbott, as she is very unclear why Christmas decided to vote against Ramses Soto and not Cody Nickson at the July 13 Eviction Ceremony. Christmas placed her vote from the hospital bed where she was recovering from surgery on her foot. It means the other houseguests haven't been able to discuss votes or strategy with her for several days. Paul Abrahamian is one person who has become very nervous about that fact.

Christmas was very close to becoming one of the Week 3 HOH nominations, but Alex decided to go in a different direction. A report by Joker's Updates gave some hints about what Alex was about to do at the Nomination Ceremony, as she sat down with Jessica Graf to tell her that she wasn't the target for eviction. The primary nominee for the week has turned out to be Dominique Cooper, as Alex feels that she simply cannot trust Cooper in the game. Jessica has been notified that she may be used as a pawn.

These Big Brother 19 spoilers may shock CBS viewers, as Dominque Cooper has been largely off the radar so far this summer. She hasn't received a lot of screen time, hasn't been making bold game moves, and has been pretty terrible in the competitions to this point. Dominique also doesn't have any strong alliances, as she is on the fringe of several larger ones. This may make her expendable when the Week 3 Eviction Ceremony rolls around on July 20.The rest of the BB19 cast was made to wait for the return of Christmas Abbott before the Week 3 Nomination Ceremony could take place on Friday, throwing off the schedule a bit. She has just now returned to the house late on Friday, giving her alliance members a bit of time to catch her up on the past 48 hours.

Christmas had some bad news during her surgery, as she stated on the live feeds, revealing that she broke 10 bones, had four more that were dislocated, tore a ligament, and may never regain full mobility. Recovery is estimated at a full year now. Christmas also had a bad post-surgery experience, with the doctors having a difficult time getting her medication right. This was why she missed the July 13 "live" show.

As it stands, Dominique Cooper and Jessica Graf are about to become the Week 3 nominees, with Alex Ow courting the possibility of going after Christmas at a later date. These Big Brother 19 spoilers could certainly shift after Alex and Christmas have a chat.

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