Apocalypse Believers Rush To Mount Rtanj In The Carpathian Mountains

Fears about a looming apocalypse have driven hundreds of people from around the world to the pyramid peaks of Mount Rtanj in the Serbian Carpatian Mountains. The true-believers reportedly feel that the magnetic force from the tall mound of earth will save them when the Mayan prophecy comes to pass.

An old legend claims that thousands of years ago aliens created the enormous pyramid-shaped peaks of the Carpathian Mountains. During an interview with Good Morning America Belgrade-based publisher Vladimir Petrovic had this to say about the apocalypse prompted migration:

“We all know that aliens have been there for thousands of years. They may be the forces who will help us get through this time.”

Mount Rtanj’s pyramidal formation rises to 5,400 feet. The legend leads apocalypse believers to think that the peaks will radiate a magnetic force field strong enough to protect everyone in the vicinity of the mountains from the end of the world as we know it, according to the Daily Mail.

So many people from around the globe have flocked to the Serbian Carpathian Mountains that all lodging facilities in the Rtanj area are overflowing with patrons.

Local lodging operator Milorad Jovanovic had this to say about the sudden and unexpected influx of customers:

“People know I’m closed in the winter. But those people said they wanted to come a week before the apocalypse and book over a week afterward to see what happens. I don’t know how they plan to get here with so much snow around.”

People have built myths about the magnetic forces of Mount Rtanj for decades, long before apocalypse believers began packing their bags for the journey. Some rumors making round online claim that airplanes never fly over the Carpathian Mountains due to the strong magnetic waves the area allegedly possesses.