Jinger Duggar Vuolo’s Husband Jeremy On Unity And Catholics: ‘We Cannot Hold Hands…An Opposite Gospel’

Jinger Duggar Vuolo’s husband, Jeremy, has been called out by critics for his comments toward Catholics. Specifically, Vuolo has lashed out in sermons, mocking local Catholics who aren’t interested in his attempts to convert them and saying the Catholic Church has “defiled” the word “saint.”

The Duggar family, more broadly, has been criticized for their position on Catholic beliefs, with Jill Duggar Dillard and husband Derick spending time in predominantly Catholic regions trying to convert people to her family’s belief system. Viewers have posted on the family’s social media to ask why they don’t leave Catholics, Jewish people, and Amish people alone and focus on evangelizing to people who have no religion.

Jinger Vuolo’s husband answered that question in a sermon this week, speaking about the concept of unity and where he says it doesn’t apply. Vuolo addresses that people keep calling for unity between Judeo-Christian faiths and reads from Philippians, describing Christian unity as an ultimate joy and a pillar of the church.

The Duggar husband goes on to warn that there’s a “modern” definition of unity that doesn’t apply.

At the 12-minute mark, he explains, “The result of this desire for unity is the holding of hands between Protestants and Catholics, between theological conservatives and theological liberals, and everything in between. Most notable…is the push for Protestants and Catholics to join forces and collaborate in Christian missions across the world. Essentially…to lay aside differences and preach Jesus to the world as a unified council.”

While comment sections on the Duggar family’s social media would suggest that many viewers think this sounds like a great idea, Vuolo disagrees. He goes on to explain that the reason is found in Catholic doctrine — or rather, in how Catholic beliefs differ from those of the Vuolo and Duggar family.

Pausing to tell his congregation, “We’re Protestants,” Vuolo says it is “not Christian unity to hold hands with denominations or religions or churches who deny the very essence of our gospel message.”

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In a sermon that will likely make new waves with Duggar fans, Vuolo goes on to posit that joining with Catholics to reach non-Christians would be apostasy or cowardice. He then goes on to decry those who would refuse to unite with other Christians over a doctrinal disagreement.

Going on to explain why he “won’t hold hands” with Catholicism, Vuolo characterizes the Catholic church as follows.

“We simply cannot hold hands with a church that professes an opposite gospel. Unity, but not at the expense of truth.”

The Vuolo family has been raising eyebrows among viewers lately, with Jinger Duggar Vuolo moving away from the Duggar family’s long-preached modesty standards, wearing shorter skirts (that’s her in the green dress below, all the way to the right), pants, and even shorts.

Meanwhile, there’s speculation among viewers about possible feuding between the Vuolo and Dillard families. However, it seems Jinger’s husband is focused less on the Dillards than on Catholics. He keeps focusing sermons on the Catholic church, and in this recent sermon, Jinger Duggar Vuolo’s husband has vehemently opposed any possible Christian unity with Catholics.

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