Cosmo DiNardo Had Accomplice In Killing 4 Men, Pennsylvania Farm Harbors Deep Mass Grave

The four missing Pennsylvania men are dead. One at a time the men were shot, burned and buried at a rural Pennsylvania farm, which is a site that will now forever be associated with this horror. The mystery is over, but the horrific task of removing and identifying bodies from two deep graves is still underway as Cosmo DiNardo, 20, confessed to these murders and described where he buried the men. He did this in exchange for having the death penalty taken off the table for his involvement in these crimes.

The rural New Hope, Pennsylvania, countryside, has a stain in its fabric today as heartbroken families receive the news of the whereabouts of their missing sons. Each of the men went missing within days of each other, and it is believed that their bodies are the remains that have been located in the two locations Cosmo DiNardo cited on his family’s farm, according to ABC News.

News surfaced this morning that a 20-year-old accomplice was arrested overnight, reports Fox & Friends on Friday morning. The name of this person has not been released. Cosmo DiNardo has confessed to these crimes that include the shooting of these missing men, then burning their bodies and burying the remains on his family’s farm. The first grave that contained the remains of more than one body was over 12-feet deep.

Cadaver dogs were brought in this week, and they hit on the first grave police have uncovered. It was an amazing feat that these dogs could pick up the scent of human remains when they were buried so deep in the ground. This is what one law enforcement official said to reporters on Thursday.

According to DiNardo’s confession, the motive was allegedly a deal that had gone bad involving marijuana and guns. It ended in the death of four young men after he felt “cheated” in some way. The young men were murdered one, coinciding with the order of their disappearance. The second person detained in connection with these crimes was picked up by police in northeast Philadelphia on Thursday night. It is not known what involvement this person had in these crimes.

CNN News reports that the family of Cosmo DiNardo “feels horrible,” and they are “very upset for the families of these boys,” which was conveyed by one of Cosmo DiNardo’s lawyers to the reporters yesterday. The first and only body to be identified so far is Dean Finocchiaro, 19. According to Fox News in their live coverage on Friday, the police are “scrambling” to identify the bodies found in a “mass grave” at the Pennsylvania farm.

The rest of the remains that have been found have yet to be identified, but according to law enforcement, DiNardo did say the bodies of all four men were in the two locations where the officials are digging. The four men, who are in their late teens and earlier twenties, went missing over several days last week. They were last seen within miles of each other, writes CNN.

A shopping mall parking lot that is located about two miles away from the farm where the search for the men’s remains continues has become a gathering place. The families of the missing men and community members are waiting there for any updates on the search. The farm where the bodies were buried belongs to the DiNardo family, who owns the business, Cosan LLC, which is a cement and construction company in the area.

[Featured Image by Matt Rourke/AP Images]