‘BB19’: CBS Alums Predict Cody Nickson’s Return To Show In Battle Back Twist

Big Brother is doing another Battle Back—and that means this season’s most polarizing player could be back just one week after he was evicted from the BB19 house. Minutes after Cody Nickson was eliminated from the Big Brother house on Thursday night, show host Julie Chen revealed that he will have the chance to battle for a spot back in the house. Cody will compete against ousted houseguests Cameron Heard, Jillian Parker, and next week’s evictee for a second chance to play the Big Brother game.

During his exit interview with Julie Chen, Cody revealed that his BB19 girlfriend, Jessica Graf, told him he’s the worst player in Big Brother history. Cody admitted he has no real social game, but superfans of the show noted that he was more likable during the few minutes he chatted with Chen than he was his entire time in the Big Brother house. It didn’t hurt that he asked Jessica to be his girlfriend on the way out the door, a move that had even the most reluctant shippers starting to like this season’s villain, if just for a minute.

Interestingly, in his final hours in the Big Brother house, Cody Nickson had a much more sympathetic edit. Cody was shown consoling Jessica after broke down after a bad week in which she wasn’t even allowed to a piece of birthday cake because she’s on slop.

Meanwhile, Big Brother alums defended CBS’ upcoming twist which could mean the return of Cody after he wreaked havoc and alienated everyone in the house except for his Big Brother showmance.

Big Brother guru Dan Gheesling explained that the CBS summertime reality show needs “interesting” players like Cody for entertainment value. Other show alums, including last season’s Battle Back champ, Victor Arroyo, also weighed in on the twist and Cody’s possible return, while Big Brother 8 runner-up Daniele Donato revealed what she will miss most about him.

Meanwhile, Big Brother fans had mixed feelings on Cody and the possibility of his return just one week after he was evicted. Some viewers saw a different side of the single dad during his pleasant exit interview with Julie, while others think the network will stack the odds in his favor so he can return to the house and cause more drama.

Of course, even if Cody Nickson wins the Battle Back into the house, his efforts could be stopped. When introducing the twist, Chen revealed that the remaining houseguests may be able to stop the winner of the Battle Back comp from coming into the house.


Take a look at the video below to see Cody Nickson’s Big Brother exit interview with Julie Chen.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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