Your Career Trajectory Could Require Solutions For Progress

Advances in technology and consumer trends are pointing to a decline in certain jobs if you look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data. The following jobs may see happily employed people suddenly finding themselves in the unemployment line.

Gaming cage workers

With new casinos opening regularly, you wouldn’t expect related jobs to be on the decline. However, the fact that customers are heading to self-service machines to cash in their chips more often means that human error is becoming less of a factor and more of a hindrance.

A career in healthcare or medical billing may be in the future.

Auto Insurance Claims Adjusters

Cars are getting safer, which is good news for motorists, but bad news for insurance agents who now have less and less claims to adjust.

Property and casualty claims aren’t affected though, if you want to grab a bachelors degree in engineering or construction.

Floral Designers

More people are buying their bouquets from grocery and retail outlets these days for the convenience, and floral businesses are feeling the burn. It’s an extra trip to get professionally arranged flowers, but if your local Walmart sells the same thing, you might be more inclined to arrange them yourself while you pick up your milk and eggs.

You might consider becoming a teacher for the do-it-yourselfers.


The BLS predicts that:

“As land, machinery, seed, and chemicals become more expensive, only well-capitalized farmers and corporations will be able to buy many of the farms that become available. These larger, more productive farms are better able to withstand the adverse effects of climate and price fluctuations on farm output and income.”

So basically, private farmers and ranchers will be going out of business.

You might want to consider going organic or taking the more professional approach and joining the production crews.

Power plant operators

With energy bills being among the easiest to curb by shutting lights off when you don’t need them, turning off machines that aren’t in use and such, power plants are seeing lower profits. Energy saver bulbs and “green technology” are using less and less power as well. Lower energy bills also mean less money for power companies.

Nuclear power seems to be the way of the future if you don’t want to lose the money going into water plant management.

Loan interviewers and Clerks

Many bank functions are being put online now. Even the ATM is doing what tellers used to, and with loans being applied for and approved purely through the power of program calculation, the only people profiting from it are the software engineers. Android and iPhone apps are doing what humans used to do.

Try getting into real estate, since people are always buying houses and someone has to show them around.

Semiconductor processors and electric equipment assemblers

Outsourcing and robots are eliminating jobs once held by factory workers. Machines are more reliable on the most part and never get tired, so management and productivity issues are being reduced as technology replaces people once again.

You could try becoming an electrical technician or move into the aircraft industry.

Is your job being threatened by progress?