‘The Walking Dead’: How Is The Cast Handling The Tragic Death Of Stuntman John Bernecker?

The Walking Dead family suffered a horrible tragedy yesterday that only got worse today when stuntman John Bernecker passed away from his injuries. As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, he fell from a height of approximately 30 feet and sustained critical head injuries in an on-set accident. Word came this afternoon that production had been stopped for Season 8, as the accident is investigated.

After the accident yesterday, the cast and crew of The Walking Dead began to show support for John Bernecker and his family. Several of them took to Twitter to express their feelings and ask for the support of fans. Lauren Cohan (Maggie) asked that fans keep the stuntman and his family in their prayers. When executive producer Gale Hurd retweeted Lauren’s tweet, she added that they were all praying for John, his family, friends, and all of his colleagues. According to ComicBook, several others posted messages of the same sentiment.

The halt in production is coming just before the huge Comic-Con in San Diego that is set for next weekend. According to the normal filming schedule, the set of The Walking Dead was to shut down in mid-July. Most of the cast will be traveling to California from Georgia to take part in Comic-Con. Not only will the first trailer of the season be released, but the premiere date will be announced as well. Next weekend is a huge weekend for the cast and fans of The Walking Dead.


With The Walking Dead having suffered two losses in less than a week, some downtime to recover from the emotional impact may be just what the cast and crew need. The funeral for Robert Schell was just held yesterday after he was tragically killed in a skydiving accident on Saturday. He was the voice of the show — the voice on the commercials for The Walking Dead as well as for Fear The Walking Dead.

This is still an unfolding story. As more information is released on how the tragic death of stuntman John Bernecker occurred, the Inquisitr will report it for you. Make sure to check back to get all the details.

[Featured Image by AMC]