Duggar Family Under Fire Again For Risking Child Safety In Recent Photos Of Josh Duggar’s Sons

It has not been long since the Duggar family received criticisms on their parenting style, and here comes another controversy. A new photo showing Josh Duggar’s son learning how to ride his bike without a helmet has stirred negative comments on social media.

The Duggar family posted a photo of 4-year-old Marcus trying out his bike with the help of his brother Michael, 6. However, fans were quick to notice that Marcus was not wearing a helmet, which raised concerns about his safety. Someone also pointed out that the bike does not have breaks as well. One of the comments read as follows.

“Seriously?? No helmets?! Yes its cute that big brother is helping but lets teach safety and avoid serious injuries let alone something worse! I can tell you a helmet saved my life so get those kids helmets!”

Other readers were not bothered, saying that people are just trying to find something to gripe about. They said their kids and grandkids learned how to ride their bikes without a helmet and they all survived.

“I am in my 60’s, neither me, my friends, my kids or there kids wore helmets or knee pads etc. Teach your kids safety rules, don’t wrap them up and hope they will be protected. Love the way those kids are having fun.”

The Duggar family’s parenting style has always been a subject of criticisms. Just last month, they came under fire for “mistreating” their young kids when they posted a photo of Josh’s daughter, Meredith, 2, and Jessa’s son, Spurgeon, nearly 2, mopping the floor. What made the photo controversial was the caption, which read: “Train them young! These little ones love to ‘help.'”

Fans pointed out that the use of the word “train” was inappropriate, and they should have used the word “teach” instead.

Meanwhile, fans are waiting for the update on Anna Duggar’s due date. She is pregnant with Josh’s fifth child, which came as a surprise after the cheating scandal that plagued her husband last year. The family has not given any update on Anna’s pregnancy, but speculations based on existing information assume that Anna is about eight months pregnant now. She might be giving birth in August, per The Hollywood Gossip.

The family keeps on growing. Jill and Derick just welcomed their second son, Samuel Scott, last weekend.

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