Bad Barbies Terrorize Bronx, Busted For Murder And Racketeering

bad barbies bronx

The name “Bad Barbies” probably doesn’t sound overly threatening in and of itself, but cops in New York say a female gang that adopted the moniker embarked on a lengthy spate of organized crime including murder before their recent bust.

The Bad Barbies bust was part of a larger gang-related spate of arrests, taking down several factions of a ring that also included a wing calling themselves the “One Seven Hoes.”

NYPD Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly commented on the arrests — which are part of a larger investigation netting nearly 120 people since 2009 in the boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx.

Kelly said the Bad Barbies faction was part of a larger gang known as the Trinitarios, and dozens of females were involved in their alleged illegal operations. According to the Wall Street Journal, one 24-year-old female arrested in the bust was involved with least two murders — a “fatal retaliatory shooting [and] the shooting of a robbery victim outside a Mexican restaurant.”

The woman, identified as Maria Mejia by some sources, is said to have been charged with murder, racketeering and assault.

Kelly and US Attorney Preet Bharara explained the Bad Barbies bust at a press conference Wednesday.

bad barbies bust

The Atlantic quotes Kelly as quipping that the arrests are an indicator women are making equality strides:

“We weren’t surprised to learn that the Trinitarios were up to no good in the Bronx … But the Bad Barbies? Who knew? Maybe it’s a sign of the times that gender is no bar when it comes to murder, robbery and other crimes.”

The Bad Barbies weren’t the only alleged gangsters hauled in by the NYPD — an additional 41 gang-related arrests were made in Bushwick, an area of Brooklyn, during the larger series of busts.