CasAnus Hotel: Belgium’s Colon-Shaped Hotel

Colon-Shaped Hotel

If you ever feel the urge to sleep inside a giant human colon, then Belgium has the perfect place for you: the Hotel CasAnus.

Truth be told it’s actually a replica of the human organ, but imagine the stories you’ll be able to tell after a night spent inside the structure. It’s huge, red, and the design even includes an anus.

That’s right, folks — a human anus.

If you would like to visit, The Huffington Post writes that the giant intestinal replica can be found on a small island in Flanders, Belgium. Initially an art piece by Joep Van Lieshout, the hotel has become part of the Verbeke Foundation, an edgy art and sculpture venue in Western Europe.

The park hosts over 20,000 visitors each year and is owned by art collectors Geert and Carla Verbeke-Lens.

Surprisingly popular, the hotel has received positive feedback from its overnight guests. Writer Tom Hall of Lonely Planet had this to say about his stay:

“Before anyone reading this recoils in horror, staying here was a genuine pleasure. The small staff who work here, including Geert and Carla Verbeke, are passionate about their foundation and the art being made and displayed here. Mr. and Mrs. Verbeke fund and operate the foundation themselves and were on hand during my visit. They seem both devoted to their work and immensely welcoming.”

Costing $150 per night, the hotel offers heating, double bed, bathroom, and breakfast. If you’re in the mood to chat about your colon-shaped adventure you can visit the onsite bar-cum-cafe for a little socializing.

Would you like to stay at overnight at Belgium’s colon-shaped Hotel CasAnus?