Joy-Anna Confirms Joseph Duggar’s Wedding Date, Gets Flayed For Sharing Registry

It’s official! Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell are headed for a fall wedding. Sister Joy-Anna confirmed the date on Thursday when she shared the couple’s wedding registry.

Joseph Duggar proposed marriage to Kendra Caldwell at Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth’s wedding in May. The couple were in a three-month courtship before Joseph popped the question in a surprise engagement. Austin and Joy-Anna reportedly gave their blessings to Joseph before he could get down on one knee, but some couldn’t help wonder if Joe’s move stole the limelight from his sister. The Duggar family did not the announce Joseph’s wedding date but a registry soon popped up on Amazon, leading to speculation about the date. However, fans could not be certain as a similar registry had cropped up for Joy-Anna’s wedding, with October 28 mentioned as her wedding date. Joy-Anna married Austin in an evening wedding on May 26.

After letting Joseph Duggar propose at their wedding, Joy-Anna and Austin are helping him take it ahead by announcing to the world his wedding date. Joy shared a snapshot of the engaged couple’s wedding registry on Instagram, providing a confirmation that the wedding is expected to take place on October 7 in Rogers, Arkansas. Ironically, the criticism that came the Duggars’ way after Joseph proposed to Kendra at Joy’s wedding seemed to have followed Joseph and Joy-Anna when she shared the registry with over 200,000 followers.

So happy for Joe & Kendra!!! Married life is amazing! Check out their Wedding Registry on!

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“Why would complete strangers who aren’t even invited to the wedding purchase wedding gifts for them?” reads one comment. Several others in response criticized Joy and Austin as they believed the post solicits gifts for Joseph and Kendra.

“Very, very uncool. There are ways to circulate this info to the guests. This a gift solicitation for the FANS.”

Some supporters explained that the post does not solicit gifts but only makes an announcement, while others raised questions about its authenticity.

“Were you hacked, cause this would be a great scam for someone trying to take advantage of the couple and get their gifts. Also, if not hacked, still a scam. Maybe ask people to donate to a charity in honor of your wedding? Ridiculous.”

Despite several of their followers asking them to remove it, the wedding registry remained on Joy-Anna Duggar’s Instagram, having garnered well over 6,000 likes at the time of writing.

Fans saw Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell start their courtship on Counting On this season, after Joseph approached Kendra’s father Pastor Paul Caldwell. Since the event was filmed earlier this year, Joseph, it seems, has been spending time with friends and members of the Caldwell family.

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