POTUS Commits Faux Pas, Makes Provocative Comment To French President Macron’s Wife While Melania Watches

Sources who caught POTUS Donald Trump and First Lady Melania arriving to greet President Emmanuel Macron and wife Brigitte were said to be uncomfortable with the way Trump greeted Madame Macron because it was unnecessarily flirtatious considering the formality of the event. Donald Trump was caught on tape telling President Macron’s wife that she was in good shape after fumbling to shake hands and greet each other. After viewing the video that picked up the interaction, social media condemned Trump for sexist behavior this time on an international stage.

For many on social media, this is said to be a flashback to the situation that eventually got Billy Bush of the Today show fired. While what Trump said to Madame Macron was not nearly as bad as what was said on tape about Nancy O’Dell, Trump is still receiving criticism for attempting to publicly flirt with the wife of another world leader. What was later described by Melania Trump as “locker room talk” including verbiage that included the suggestion that to get the attention of women, one could “grab them by the p***y.”

Many working for Today said that after viewing the tape in which Billy Bush seemed to egg the future president on, they had no interest in working with Bush ever again. Even Billy Bush’s own daughters had a hard time understanding why Bush didn’t tell Trump that the trend of his talk was not acceptable.

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In what was being called awkward, when he looked right at Madamae Macron, 64, POTUS seemed unnecessarily impressed by Brigitte Macron’s state of fitness.

“You’re in such good shape. Beautiful.”

According to TMZ, Brigitte Macron then “seemed to squirm” and moved closer to Melania Trump.


European media, in particular, are making hay of what is thought at least to be a social faux pas. In President Trump’s defense, POTUS was likely trying to give the French First Lady a compliment, as many have commented on the age difference between Monsieur Macron, 39 (coincidentally the same age as Donald Trump, Jr.) and Madame Macron, 64.

But regardless of his intent, POTUS triggered something in users of social media.

“Gross. Notice she totally ducks behind his victim in matrimony. #MAGA – Making ALL Girls Afraid.”

Others wonder if this is what President Trump say aloud, what does he say when cameras aren’t there?

“My God. Think about all the things he’s said as president that aren’t on camera.”

Another Twitter user, Matthew Gellert said that in any other professional situation, Trump would have to answer to human resources.

“If he greeted women this way in any business, he would be reported to HR.”


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And in Paris, some are less than impressed by the POTUS visit, and have set up a “No Trump Zone” in the French city. The zone was set up in the Place de Republique where music played and speeches protesting the Trump visit were given. Some of the people involved in the protest are calling themselves American refugees from the Trump election. Destini and Michael O’Neill, originally from Texas joined the gathering in the “No Trump Zone.”

“We’re essentially refugees in Paris. We left Texas because Mr. Trump won the election. We want to stand with Paris to say we support the fact Mr. Trump is an illegitimate President – he does not represent America.”

Do you think the POTUS comment to Brigitte Macron was a compliment or was it sexist? Would it have been better if he complimented her shoes?

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