Climbing Comes To ‘Conan Exiles’ In Latest Update, With New Exploration System, Spawn Fixes

Scale rocky cliff sides, ascend enemy walls, and discover new areas in the latest update to Conan Exiles. New climbing and exploration gameplay systems are now included in the survival title. Update 28 includes these new features alongside several fixes and changes. Players can expect a better building experience, improvements to enemy spawns, and experience adjustments.

The highlights of the Conan Exiles update are, of course, the new climbing and exploration systems. Players can now shimmy up trees, walls, mountains, and almost anything else in the game. Climbing uses stamina, and a player will need to watch their stamina carefully. Characters that run out of stamina while climbing will fall back to the ground, according to the game’s website. If the fall height is great enough, it can kill the character. Heavy armor makes climbing harder, but new climbing gear is available after meeting the mountaineer NPC.

Of course, players on PvP servers will need new defenses to keep all these climbing players out of their bases. Any damage received while climbing will force the player to let go. Players can defend their settlements with hot oil atop their walls and spikes along specific types of walls. Archer thralls can also use their bows and arrows to aggressively defend an area.

With enough stamina, players can climb nearly anything in the game. [Image by Funcom]

In addition to the new climbing system, players of Conan Exiles will also enjoy improved exploration. Exploring the map now rewards experience and many locations are named and ready for players to discover them. Finding locations and learning more about the landscape is just one new part of exploration in the open-world game. Players can also add custom waypoints with custom names, too.

Update 28 also reduces the amount of experience needed to level up by 20 percent. Other quality-of-life changes and bug fixes are also included in the patch. According to the patch notes on Steam, one major fix is to the way foes spawn or respawn after being killed by players. For instance, cave spiders will no longer immediately respawn after being defeated.

Conan Exiles bug fixes and new features in newest update
Use archer thralls to shoot down foes climbing into bases. [Image by Funcom]

Issues with placing items after rotating them, or attaching build items to slopes are now rectified after the update as well. As the Inquisitr reported, the brutal M-rated game continues to update with new features and bug fixes like these. In fact, a dye system and trebuchets were added to Conan Exiles in March.

[Featured Image by Funcom]