Blac Chyna Returns To Her Stripping Roots With Her Upcoming Gig

David LivingstonGetty Images

Prior to being in back-to-back relationships with Tyga and Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna was a well-known stripper. Her most recent events that have occurred between her and ex-boyfriend Rob have been followed heavily on social media and have made plenty of headline news as of late as well.

Rob released nude pics of his ex Chyna via social media after she decided to send him a video of her kissing another guy. Chyna retaliated immediately with legal action this week by getting a temporary restraining order placed against the Kardashian brother.

Rob was not shy to reveal how much money he’s been spending on the mother of his daughter. He, of course, did this by going on a major social media rant that led to Instagram eventually shutting down his account.

Now that Chyna has taken legal action against him, it is clear that their relationship is completely done. If what Rob says is true about taking care of her financially, Chyna would now have to find a way to bring in her own coins.

TMZ reported Thursday that the 26-year-old mother is “back to her old strip club gigs.” Chyna originally made her name when she was dancing at Ace of Diamonds. Apparently, her new gig that is scheduled for July 17 will be AOD.

The event will be held in West Hollywood and Chyna is expected to walk away with $10,000 for her appearance.

They also made it clear how happy the club was with the idea and what they did to show further appreciation for her showing up.

“The club’s also throwing in 3 bottles of rose.”

Although Rob was ordered to stay away from his ex, it has not kept him away from spilling information about how much he’s done for her financially.

Just before their breakup, Rob reportedly brought her four pieces of jewelry but is “demanding” Chyna to return them after being told to only choose one.

Chyna made an appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America this week with her attorney Lisa Bloom. One of the things that she discussed on the show was how she has already returned everything to Rob that he claims he ever bought her.


It seems Rob thinks otherwise, but Chyna has apparently moved forward and will be back to making her own coins with her upcoming event at AOD.

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