Girl And Missing Teddy Bear With Voice Message From Fallen Soldier Dad Reunited After Yard Sale Miracle

A little girl lost her beloved teddy bear that contained a recorded “Merry Christmas” message from her fallen soldier father. Military wife Amanda Fields found the teddy bear at a yard sale in Columbus, Ohio. After listening to the message, she made it her mission to find the rightful owner and return the stuffed toy.

“Merry Christmas from Afghanistan. Daddy misses you. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I’ll see you soon, I love you,” the soldier’s voice said in the recorded message.

Amanda Fields shared a video of the teddy bear with the message playing on Facebook as part of her quest to find the child it belonged to and return the bear. The video spread from Facebook to a host of other social media websites and news broadcasts and quickly went viral.

During an interview with Fox 59 News, Fields said she truly did not expect the video to garner such a massive amount of attention. The Ohio woman said that as a military wife, she fully understood how “sacred” the message likely was to the owner of the missing teddy bear.

The dedicated effort by Fields to find the owner of the missing teddy bear was clearly evident in the Facebook post that accompanied the viral video.

“I know how you can pack up in an instant from state to state or even country at the drop of a dime! PLEASE PLEASE PLLLLEASE….if you recognize this voice, feel free to msg me at ANY time!!!”

Paige Holguin was sitting at her office desk in Los Angeles when she just happened to catch a story about the missing teddy bear on the news. Immediately, she recognized the sound of her late brother’s voice. He had sent his daughter the teddy bear while on a tour-of-duty in Afghanistan eight years ago, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

Although the soldier survived combat, he battled PTSD upon his return to American soil. The teddy bear was lost after Holguin’s brother was evicted from his apartment. The soldier was not able to overcome the PTSD and ultimately took his own life.

Paige Holguin said finding the teddy bear was so very important to her niece and the entire family. When talking to local reporters, the late soldier’s sister said her hands were shaking as she watched the news broadcast.

Amanda Fields has connected with Paige Holguin and is preparing to return the teddy bear to its now-16-year-old owner.

Fields went on to add she was not a “hero” as so many have labeled her on social media. The teddy bear video creator described herself as merely a part of an “average military family.” Fields said she only wanted to get the “precious words” uttered in the recorded message to be heard once again by the ears of the child who once cuddled the Christmas gift from her soldier dad.

[Featured Image by Nong Mars/Shutterstock]