Homosexuality A ‘Birth Defect,’ Christian Radio Host Says

Homosexuality — long argued by opponents to gay rights to be a “choice” and a “lifestyle” rather than an orientation — has been accepted as an immovable trait, possibly genetic in origin, by mainstream medicine and science for nearly three decades. But as the science surrounding the genetic markers or prenatal influences for homosexuality becomes undeniable, those who have argued against it now seem to be grudgingly accepting that there is likely a gay gene — deeming the characteristic a “birth defect.”

The framing of homosexuality as a birth defect calls to mind an old scientific cliche recently quoted by Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Dr. Tyson, faced with a climate change denier during a panel on Real Time With Bill Maher, quipped that there are three phases of science, describing them as such:

“Historically, there is a saying in the scientific community, that every great scientific truth goes through three phases: First, people deny it. Second, they say it conflicts with the Bible. Third, they say they’ve known it all along.”

It seems homosexuality and its genetic links are moving from two to three, if Christian talk show host Bryan Fischer’s remarks on recent studies about gay genetics are any indicator. While gay rights opponents are reluctantly admitting now that the science of gay indisputable, this has not transmuted into an embrace of the gay community.

Mediaite quotes Fischer as saying:

“‘This is the latest effort on the part of scientists to explain some kind of biological origin for homosexuality,’ Fischer said, adding that ‘they don’t even know it,’ but if you track their logic, ‘they are suggesting homosexuality is some kind of birth defect.'”

The talk show host continues, beginning what is likely to be a new talking point in the argument against granting homosexual people the right to marry, adopt or otherwise participate in adult society on the level of their heterosexual peers:

“This is a birth defect… Homosexuals do not want the gay gene to be found. If it exists, they do not want it to be found. For the simple reason that it’s fairly routine now to do prenatal genetic testing for as many as 3,500 genetic defects,” he continued, likening homosexuality to known birth defects like Down’s syndrome.


Fischer adds:

“I think homosexuals are afraid, and I think with good reason, that if there is some kind of gay gene and it’s found, parents are going to want to know… Does my kid in the womb have the gay gene? If it does, I’m going to abort it.'”

Do you find calling homosexuality a “birth defect” to be insulting not only to gay people, but the disabled as well?