Will Kurt Angle’s Secret Reveal A Huge Storyline For American Alpha?

Next week on Raw, Kurt Angle will finally reveal the truth to the WWE Universe about the “secret” that has been following him for several weeks on WWE television. There has been a lot of speculation about the GM of Raw making his in-ring return as a result of the angle, but Kurt’s future in WWE won’t be clear until next week. However, his big secret being revealed will lead to a major storyline heading into WWE SummerSlam.

The expectation is that Angle will reveal an affair with Stephanie McMahon or Dixie Carter, which could also be the introduction of an illegitimate child. WWE officials could bring in a new character to Raw, or it could be revealed that a current WWE Superstar is Angle’s son or daughter. Naturally, many fans are looking at Chad Gable or Jason Jordan for the role. American Alpha has been rumored to get involved with Kurt for awhile.

Gable and Jordan are on SmackDown Live while Angle is the GM of Raw. There would be complications if WWE officials decide this is the way for the storyline to go. American Alpha hasn’t been featured heavily on SmackDown Live over the past few months, so getting involved with one of WWE’s most mysterious angles could be a good thing for them. Recently, Gable had some comments about possibly working with Angle.

American Alpha Have Been Underutilized For the Past Several Months
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“Jason and I are both very excited to sit and chat with him, and hopefully pick his brain. He carved the path that we’re following, he set the example for what we want to do, and he’s the best in the world at it.”

The idea of pairing Kurt Angle with American Alpha has been floating around ever since the tag team was in NXT. Many people believe the three men working together would be a home run. All three stars have shared their feelings on a possible trio someday, but Gable and Jordan have expressed their desire to get over with the fans on their own. However, getting involved in Angle’s current storyline would be better than their role on SmackDown Live right now.

Kurt Angle Expected to Have Several More Matches in WWE
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WWE officials could move American Alpha to Raw to help bring another great team to the brand’s tag team division. Not only that, but the Olympic Hero becoming the team’s mentor would give them a huge boost of momentum to get more television time. The WWE Universe would likely take a bigger liking to Chad Gable and Jason Jordan as well, which would be impressive considering they’ve been rising in popularity already.

There are several different ways to book Kurt Angle’s reveal next week on Raw. WWE officials may use it as a way to bring American Alpha into a major storyline, or the storyline could become something else. Either way, Gable and Jordan could be undergoing some big character changes soon. Angle’s reveal next week will have major implications on heading into SummerSlam, but will it become American Alpha’s big break?

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