Health Care Bill Revised And Unveiled By Senate Republicans

Mark Wilson Getty Images

Since President Donald Trump took office in January, one of the plans he has sought out to execute is eliminating ObamaCare and introducing a new health care bill to Americans that he feels is more beneficial than the one former President Barack Obama implemented.

President Trump and the Senate Republicans had recently proposed a new health care plan already and still have yet to receive enough votes to pass the new plan through effectively.

On Thursday afternoon, the Senate Republicans have unveiled yet another revised health care bill that they plan to vote on as soon as next week.

The new bill will reportedly provide $70 billion in funding for the next seven years and will supposedly provide less spending for citizens who are ill and still under the ObamaCare plan.

Republican Senators Susan Collins (MA) and Rand Paul (KY) have already hinted that they most likely will not approve of the bill by voting no for personal concerns.

Senator Collins fears that the bill lacks needed protection for citizens with pre-existing medical issues. Meanwhile, Senator Paul feels that the new bill does not have enough significant changes to the tax and regulations that ObamaCare already had in place.


If both Collins and Paul decide to follow through with their premeditated votes, the bill will likely not be able to successfully pass again due to the fact the Senate party only has 52 Republicans.

Losing those two votes will make it difficult to garner a number of votes needed for the bill to pass. If that happens, it will send President Trump back to the drawing board once again.

When Trump initially proposed a new bill, it catered more to the needs of wealthy American citizens. New York Magazine gave their view on what caused the first bill from the Trump to ultimately get denied by some of the Republican party.

“Several Republican lawmakers objected to the optics of cutting benefits for the poor and taxes on the rich simultaneously.”

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell introduced his 172-page plan today that has a very short window to convince members of both parties to decide which direction they choose to vote.


Overall, the bill aims to provide cheaper plans for U.S. citizens but however ensure fewer benefits.

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