‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Cody Tells His Tale On His Final Night In The House, Drama Erupts As A Result

Big Brother 19 fans know that Cody and drama get used in the same sentence quite a bit. He has a way of keeping things stirred up, even when he isn’t around. Last night, Dominique proceeded with her “talk show” and Cody took the hot seat. What got the house on edge?

The following will contain spoilers for Big Brother 19. Don’t continue to read if you want to be surprised by what might make the editorial cut for the show.

Cody, wearing a V-Toad costume the night before the live eviction, only added to the fun when he sat down with Dominique for an interview. She began to ask questions of Cody and he opened up, maybe a little too much. Cody made it clear that his original targets were Megan and Paul. When Megan self-evicted, he had to change his strategy. The Pendant of Protection forced him to make another strategy change, ending with Christmas on the block next to Jillian. He had then named a third of the Big Brother houseguests as nominees, creating a huge target on his own back.

As for his allies, he had only shared with two of them what his plans were. Cody made it clear that Jessica was not one of the two he had confided in, but he wouldn’t name them. He discussed the lack of loyalty his teammates had shown him and how little respect he has for disloyalty.

According to Global TV, Cody went on to say that he noticed Paul had a lot of help in the Head of Household competition. He watched as other Big Brother houseguests gave him their tickets so he could take a shot, eventually leading to him winning the power for the week. Cody’s expectation of being nominated was made clear to him when Ramses decided this was the week to self-nominate, as was required by the curse he received for Paul’s acceptance of the Pendant of Protection in the Den of Temptation. Cody explained that Ramses should feel safe with the backdoor plan in place to get him out.


As for who Cody wants to go far in the game, he named Jessica, Alex, and Raven. Cody said he would never campaign against any of them in the Big Brother game.

The information that Cody shared during the talk show really upset Paul and Mark. Both have said they won’t participate in Dominique’s talk show after how things went down with Cody. Mark wanted to discuss Cody’s claim of who knew about his plan, but Cody refused to talk anymore. Mark told Jessica that if Cody really cares about her, he will straighten the drama out before he leaves. Jessica took that as Mark plans to evict her if Cody doesn’t clear the air. Drama, drama, and more drama in the Big Brother house, and it all started with a talk show Dominique does to pass the time.


What do you think about Cody saying two of his allies knew his plan? Do you think he is trying to create doubt and suspicion amongst the Big Brother houseguests? Should he have used the talk show as an opportunity to mend relationships in the case of a Battle Back? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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