Leah Messer Talks Mystery Man In New Instagram Photo

Fans have wanted Leah Messer to find herself a new man for ages, and although the Teen Mom 2 star insists she’s happily single, she was recently spotted with a mystery man on Instagram. The star has been linked to several guys since her split from ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, and fans thought Leah had snagged herself a hottie.

Unfortunately for Leah Messer fans, the reality TV star isn’t dating anyone new quite yet, or at least that she’s made public.

“I don’t think Brians HUSBAND would be pleased if Brian was my mystery man!” she wrote on Twitter, clarifying the rumor to her fans.

Leah Messer has been rumored to be back together with ex-husband Jeremy Calvert, with whom she shares a daughter, Adalynn. However, it seems that rumor is totally false and was only fueled because he and Leah were caught on a night out taking a photo together. Instead, they appear to be working on their co-parenting relationship so they can be there for Addie as a team instead of separately.

The Teen Mom 2 star was recently linked to a man named Scott Ayer, who gave an interview about their “whirlwind” relationship. The part-time model stated that Leah was back together with Jeremy, but it appears to have been a false flag.



Leah Messer and the rest of the Teen Mom 2 girls will return with a new explosive season on Monday. Despite Leah’s issues with depression and possible substance abuse in the past, she actually appears to have one of the calmest seasons yet.

The Teen Mom 2 star is going back to school this season to set an example for her daughters. The star revealed last season that she was interested in finishing her beauty degree, but Leah decided against it once she realized all the time it would take away from her daughters.

Instead, she chose to possibly major in communications at West Virginia State University. In a new clip for the show, she is shown in the car telling her daughters about her day in school.

On last season’s reunion show, she told Jenelle Evans’ mother, Barbara, that she wasn’t interested in looking for a man at the moment. Instead, she wanted to focus on herself and getting her degree. If she finishes her four-year degree, she will be the second mom in the franchise to do so.


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