XBox One X Follow-Up Console Not ‘Next Generation’, Microsoft’s Next Console On Par With PC Gaming

Video game fans will be expecting the Xbox One X to be making its debut later in the year and now there comes a time when a turn of events may occur where the “next generation” of consoles will be out of the picture. Gaming Bolt said this would be “an iterative improvement over the existing Xbox One.”

Iterative meaning getting closer and closer to the desired results. Also, what this means for Microsoft is that the idea of “continuous compatibility” would put the consoles on par with the PC or PC gaming rather. Same goes for mobile gaming.

Now, according to Windows Central’s Jez Corden via Twitter, the next Xbox console is underway. Although he acknowledges it won’t be soon, when he engaged in dialogue on the social media feed, he was asked about a two-year schedule/launch. Corden says it will be too soon to tell with even that amount of time. It even has a code name (like Scorpio?). He suggested that it could just be a refresh of the Xbox One X.

Since it is rumored that a PlayStation 5 could be coming out in 2019, it would make sense to figure the Xbox One X follow-up console would follow suit around the same time.

An important thing to note, Corben says Microsoft won’t be going the direction of “next generation” anymore. In a previous article last year by Gaming Bolt, this situation seems to be comparable to that of the Nintendo 3DS revision. Even in 2016, it was suggested that the Xbox line of future hardware would do away with the generational aspect. The year before that, Sony was talking about its PlayStation 4 incremental upgrades from within console cycles, but then discussed a more powerful version. Could this be the rumored PlayStation 5?

Xbox One X Next Generation Game Console
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There’s a suggestion that the three gaming platforms may altogether be ending these hardware cycles which includes both handhelds and consoles. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said in the old article that he feels an appeal of being able to play your old Doom and Quake games.

If you think about it, there’s a trend in retro-gaming involving either Raspberry Pi hobbyists creating their old school games via hardware and 3D printing enthusiasts, as well as Nintendo itself coming out with their mini-NES and Super NES retro game consoles.

So would it not stand to reason the appeal of being able to play old games on backwards-compatible game consoles?

Xbox One X Microsoft Next Generation Gaming
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According to a hint delivered by Phil Spencer and picked up by Corben, feedback was heard regarding Xbox’s first party line-up and suggests an internal change over at Microsoft could mean a different angle on how they approach these first party games.

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