First Look At New Redhead Scene In Disney's Pirates Of The Caribbean Attraction (Video)

One of the biggest controversies in the Disney community over the last month has been the announcement that the "Redhead" scene in Pirates of the Caribbean would be changing. Disney officially announced the wench auction would no longer exist by next year and that things were going to be fixed up to be a bit more politically correct. Well, fans can now get their first look at what to expect stateside as Disneyland Paris already has the scene in place.

It has only been a couple of weeks since the Disney Parks Blog revealed that the "We Wants (sic) The Redhead" scene is going to undergo a change. The Pirates of the Caribbean attractions at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland would receive this change that is set to be in place by 2018, but what is it exactly?

The change is going to see the wench auction go away while the Redhead will become a pirate with her own gun and running an auction of the townspeople's stolen goods. This major change is something that hardcore Disney fans find hard to picture, but they don't have to imagine any longer as they can now have their first look.

Pirates Of The Caribbean new redhead scene auction wench walt disney world disneyland
[Image by The Walt Disney Company]

Other than the concept art revealed by Disney, the company revealed that Disneyland Paris' new version of Pirates of the Caribbean would be opening on July 24. The attraction has taken on a whole new look and Annual Passholders to Disneyland Paris have now witnessed the new scene first-hand thanks to a YouTube user named DLP Welcome.

The attraction in Disneyland Paris has been undergoing huge changes and the Redhead isn't the only difference that guests will notice. Captain Barbossa has also received his own scene and it is truly spooky and quite amazing to see.

Check out the videos below to see both new scenes.

Pirates Of The Caribbean new redhead scene auction wench walt disney world disneyland
[Image by Danny Cox]

This first video from DLP Welcome is the entire new attraction at Disneyland Paris and you can catch a glimpse at the new "Redhead" scene starting at the 5:04 mark.

This next video has separated the new Redhead scene and Captain Barbossa's new scene into a shorter video.

There is no set date on when the changes are coming to the Pirates of the Caribbean attractions in Magic Kingdom and Disneyland park, but Disney has confirmed they will happen "in 2018 following a previously scheduled refurbishment."

Pirates of the Caribbean is a classic attraction that Disney fans around the world have loved for decades and that affection has only grown with the movie franchise. Changing up the scene with the "Redhead" is one that has been met with a lot of criticism, but it looks as if things really aren't that bad with the new look. For those wanting to get an early look, you can see it in the videos which make it seem as if Walt Disney World and Disneyland aren't going to come out too shabby.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]